Display Album Cover on Your Music Songs

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This is similar to which requested album art to be displayed for playlists.


The idea was rejected in the light of the Collections feature however; I find that the Your Music Songs list doesn't display Album Art either. It's just a long list of text.


  1. Pictures / album are are much more more attractive and compelling UI than pure text.
  2. Searching for individual tracks is much easier when there are pictures (album art) as a reference. It much more difficult to find a specific track in a list of undifferentiated text.

And...yes, Spotify should also display album art for playlists.


And...this applies to all devices including, in my case, iPad.



Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated: 2015-11-17


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Spotify acting like a bunch of clowns. Let us have images to preview our music

"Display Album Cover on Your Music Songs"...., Ok,.....and in the playlist, and in the............


Enable two view mode, and the user choose!!!!!!!!!!!!







Thank you! 

It's so hard searching for a song when you just have a hundred long list.


Excellent suggestion Marco; I think this is a must have to navigate long lists of songs which is quite cumbersome now. I've been wanting to suggest this feature for some time now.  Ironically, when I use my SONOS speaker with Spotify, I get this feature within the SONOS iPhone app.  I'll add an image of this later...

Can we have this back please? How much hassle can it be? Make it a simple option to show album covers in-line with the songs. Whats the deal? Also, collections are not nearly the same thing.

This is the reason I can't use Spotify as my main music player.


It is the only reason I still use iTunes.


Does that matter to anyone? Using Spotify to play my own collection is supposed to provide data that's worth money somewhere, right? The quality of recommendations under Discover suggests that someone here has put a LOT of effort into tracking my activity and figuring out what I like before I know it exists. Why, then, does this company only want to know half of my listening activity, when I'd be more than happy to provide all of it?


Let's compare. Here's what my setup for reading and sleeping looks like on Spotify.



Kinda useless, right? Note I've cropped the image to omit the huge column taken up by my name repeated 20 times; and to the right of that, in fullscreen, we have about 7 inches of empty space. So no, I haven't squashed the left column so I can see all the song titles on the right. I don't ever need to see song titles. People who listen to albums tend either to know them already or to not care.


But for some reason I'm not permitted to widen the left column enough that I can see full album titles on that list - a feature available in iTunes since the turn of the century. Virtually everything I do on Spotify is cordoned off in that 3 inch wide column. About 80% of the screen is devoted to things that are of no use to me whatsoever. On a 23" monitor, that's about 188 square inches set aside for clicking play once every 40 minutes.


Here's how a similar collection looks in iTunes. I'm on my work computer so I had to make this from scratch. Thanks to the album view always being available no matter what I'm doing, this took me about 20 seconds.




It feels like I'm being grossly unfair comparing Spotify to iTunes, when iTunes has been around for much longer and is sitting atop a mountain of money the size of Switzerland. Then I remember that Spotify had something about this good years ago, and I feel all better. Then I feel all worse.


Again, this is the number one reason Spotify isn't seaworthy as the player I use at all times of day and to manage my own collection. Am I alone?


So many of the issues I went over in my previous post were solved by the update I just received, I'm almost at a loss for words. Thanks.


Now all we need is a replacement for Soundrop.


I love me some Spotify but I feel that this isn't something we should "vote" on to add back in. Cover art is intergral to presenting the song or the album. 


When you walk into a record store (if you can find one) you aren't presented with a spreadsheet of songs to choose from, you see record covers and are given visuals that help you decipher what you're looking for. I am more inclined to recognize or remember a track by it's artwork than I am the name of the album and I am sure many others work the same way. I know from across a room that the "blue" Weezer album is DEFINITELY the one I want to listen to, not the green one (never the green one... lol). Here is what I see when I am scrolling down a playlist:




This does nothing for me besides makes me think I'm playing a text-only RPG game from the 80s. I totally understand the need to simplify, but I feel that the designers have under-designed for the sake of over-simplification. Here is aquick mockup of what this should look like (it's not pixel perfect, but you get the idea):




Yes, there are less songs in the initial view, but people are used to scrolling and that's okay. Now, when I hear that Helios song and like it, I will always remember the artwork when looking for it again in the future.


Hopefully Spotify adds back in this feature!


I totally agree!!! I just came here to say this too. this would be VERY useful! Many time I want to listen some music that I don't remeber the name, but the cover album yes. sad thing not to have this option yet 😞