[History] Remove played songs in History

Status: Case Closed

I think it would be great if spotify made it possible to remove songs and albums and playlists from the "played songs history". As Spotify gives you more and more advice on what to listen to based on what my account have listened to it would be nice to be able to remove all the "smurf hits" and silly christmas songs that your relatives has played with your account. 


It would also give me the pleasure of getting a "what you've listened to this year"-list that actually shows me what I've listened to. 


Thanks / Magnus

Updated on 2019-10-29

Hey everyone.

Thank you for your feedback, and your votes.

The Spotify client has changed quite a bit since this idea was submitted and, while it is good, it's also rather less relevant now.
Because of this we'll set this to Case Closed now. If anything changes,however, we'll come back here and post an update.

Status changed to: New Idea

Marked as new idea because the other is inactive, if it gets +100 kudos the Spotify team will review the idea and give another status.


This totally needs to be a thing.

This would be great....though it would ruin my fun.


Sometimes when my co-worker is away from his desk I'll pull up a Mariah Carey album and mute/minimize it, just to mess with him. 🙂



The history feature is handy but sometimes it gets cluttered or filled with songs and artists played while searching for something new but not intended to be listened to again. Please include an option on all devices that lets me wipe out my playback history on Spotify. Currently I can remove songs and albums through the very slow and tedious process of selecting each song individually (why not allow selection of albums?) and then confirming "Clear" -  and there is no way to clear the history of artists recently played at all. I don't see why Spotify would obligate me to keep my history whether I want to or not...even Google lets you clear your history!


The suggestion seems fair and easy enough to implement. You can already "hide" items temporarily afterall.


Needs 3 more to get a look. Ran into this issue as I had previously been sharing an account with my lady whose history remains on my account. Her preferences are a bit different than mine, so I would love to be able to wipe the history so that I can actually get some use out of Discover without hearing Sara Bareilles or NSYNC in between ambient songs 😉

Status changed to: Not Right Now
Updated: 2016-01-07

Hey everyone. As we don't have plans for this at the moment we're marking it as 'Not Right Now'. We'll post an updates here should something change soon. Thanks!


This issue is very similiar to the ability to clear the play queue. At one point, it was possible merely to delete the two files the application used for this information. However, apparently that didn't sit well with the people at Spotify. I'm assuming they must be using the queue and history data to sell as marketing data to the music industry -- much like Facebook tracks the websites its members visit. Regardless, it's years down the road and Spotify just can't seem to get interested in or find the ability to implement such a simple feature.

I had my account hacked and they played all kinds of garbage like 3 Doors Down and Nickleback and its ruining my vibe. My discover playlist is disgusting, I feel like I should be wearing a Tapout shirt smashing redbulls. Let us delete artists and tracks from history please!