[Hulu] Spotify Family Plan with Hulu

Status: Case Closed

Extend the Student Discount Hulu Subscription to the Family Plan. 

Updated on 2021-06-24

Hey everyone,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange. 


We appreciate all the feedback you've given us around adding Hulu to Premium Family. We always look for ways to bring better service and deals to you, however, as it is stated in our guidelines, we cannot influence subscription, price or product changes at this point. It's for those reasons that we're marking this as 'Case Closed'. Of course should this change in the future, we will let you all know via our For the Record blog.


Thank you for your understanding!


Ridiculous that your highest payng customers are excluded from an offer like this, yet your cheapest plans get it.  Discrimination!


Why hasn't this been added to the family plan as well?


Where is the Family Plan + Hulu? I feel like I'm being forced to split my Family plan into 2 premium accounts to just get Hulu.


Option A:

Premium Family = $14.99

Hulu = $5.99

Total = $20.98


Option B:

Premium + Hulu = $9.99

Premium = $9.99

Total = $19.98


I just got the Family plan with my wife to save money, but it's now cheaper to split it up into 2 premium accounts. Just add Hulu to the Family plan already!!!



dropped the ball here, spotify team... 


If anything, why not just allow Hulu to be added to the primary account holder? I get it if Spotify doesn’t want to give ALL the accounts Hulu. 


I’ve been a premium customer for over 7 years. Going to cancel over this issue. Family plan needs a Hulu bundle. 


I get the impression that no one from Spotify reads these or if they do they are an unpqid intern. This has been going on for a long time with no action at all. No reason why. No reason why not. C’mon Spotify, act like a real company and figure this out. 


This is real simple.  You're only charging a couple extra bucks on top of the regular premium plan.  Do the same thing for the family premium.  Problem solved.  Don't act like we're asking you to back port Spotify for Netscape Navigator or come up with a MS-DOS 3.22 version of Spotify that converts everything into MIDI for 8-bit sound cards.  Just...  Charge me an extra $3 like you do for the other accounts and be done with it.


So, let me get this straight. If I pay for a $9.99 Spotify plan I get free hulu. If I pay for a $14.99 plan I get no hulu. Makes perfect sense. I've only been paying for this for my kids anyway. How about I cancel Spotify altogether and give that money to Hulu and let my kids use Pandora. 


This is a completly stupid marketing idea. I quit.



Why doesn't the Hulu plan include family premium?  I pay 14.99