[Mobile] Configurable shuffle/play button

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In the iOS app, I'd like to be able to configure the main green Play button on the right so that you can choose whether it plays an album in sequential or shuffle order.  I know I can tap on the first song for sequential, but it seems that should be the default behavior for a play button. I'd like to see a setting to determine the default behavior of the play button. This seems like a better solution than, e.g., having two buttons which would clutter up the screen.

Updated on 2022-01-19

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Most randomized playlists (e.g., daily mix, release radar) default to shuffle enabled each week when they are refreshed.  Based on my anecdotal evidence, most people use these lists to discover new music and therefore listen to the songs one by one down the list as they are already random (new) to them.  If this is the case for the majority of your user base, it doesn't make sense to default shuffle to on for these types of playlists.  


This has been driving me mad. There is a typically Spotifyesque work around.


1. Go into one of your own playlists

2. Hit play

3. Go in to the 'currently playing' screen.

4. Turn off shuffle with the 'two crossed arrows' symbol/button.

5. Go back into Release Radar or other Spotify created playlist.

6. Hit play on the first or whatever track and they'll play sequentially. DO NOT USE THE SHUFFLE PLAY BUTTON AT THE TOP OF THE PLAYLIST!


This works for me on Android.

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There's a similar sounding idea that might help here. To clarify what you're suggesting, could you let us know if having individual buttons would help with what you had in mind?


If you'd still like to have the setting to choose which behavior the play button would have (either shuffle play all songs or play them in order), it'd be helpful if you could edit your original idea's description.

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I guess to be helpful to the largest number of people, I'd like a single configurable button.  I can't imagine I would ever want to play the songs on an album in random order, as it seems most respectful to the artists and producers that the album be played in the order they intended, and the order I remember. I come from the Apple Music app where it would be inconceivable that the primary play button would play in random order; that is reserved for a setting.  It seems two buttons would just clutter things up.  Though I'm new to Spotify, my understanding is that the play button used to be for sequential, and I'm curious to know why it was changed.

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There should be a setting that makes albums default to not shuffle, and playlists to default to shuffle. 

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This is a great idea! Maybe it would be easier if instead they added a button next to the shuffle button that allows you to play a playlist in order.


I hate shuffle play being the default for albums.  Some artists spend considerable time deciding on the sequence of the tracks on their album release and that should not be disregarded by Spotify presenting some random order as the default play option. For some music it is never the right option.

I would like to see the default shuffle option settable in my customer preferences. In other words I would like to set shuffle play to be off by default for any piece of music played on any device, controlled from the Spotify UI on any device at any time. Other people may prefer shuffle play to be on by default - that should be up to them.  The current playlist can always be shuffled using a shuffle button located on the ‘now playing’ screen.