[Mobile][Your Music] Bring back Recently Played to Your Library

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Am a Premium user, was told that Premium Users would be getting the use of their new idea for organization of the Your Library tab. Didn't really mind, don't see it as much needed. I have few qualms with it other than the fact that there is no longer a section for Recently Played albums/songs. This is a pretty major inconvenience for me, seeing as I have a human memory that likes to forget things on me. Having to create a Recently Played playlist for myself to update every time a new song comes on is pretty impractical and annoying. So, please bring back the Recently Played section/tab. Very useful.


Also, not extremely related, but the function to submit ideas seems hidden away in the tabs of the menu, itself hidden in a rabbit hole of non-expressive buttons (Help>Community>Menu>Ideas), and I was forbidden from posting on mobile (For not activating with my email? That's the first thing I did!). Not directly related to the app itself, but it felt like an issue I had worth mentioning.

Updated on 2019-06-26

Hey Folks,


Thanks for adding your feedback and votes to this idea.


With the new update you can now find your Recently Played tunes section on the home screen. Additionally, it's also possible to sort your Albums, Artists and Playlist by Recently Added. To do so, pull down to reveal the search bar, click the 'filters' options and then select 'Recently Played'. You'll also spot some other filter options too, like 'Name' so you can sort your playlists alphabetically.



You can check out more tips about the changes to your Library here.

100% agree, this is pissing me off an incredible amount.  I like to keep a list of songs I've listened to lately so I can repeat and not forget good ones I've searched while busy.  Please bring this feature back, it was a heavily used part of the app for me.

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Updated on 2019-06-15

Marked as new idea.


Also please bring back the download filter on playlists. I red that it should be there but it is not! Especially with the new favorite songs playlists which replaces the old songs tab (for whatever reason this was necessary...) I want to filter it for only downloaded songs. I used that feature everyday. The only filter options now are: Song, Artist, Album and recently added. Please add downloads again. Thank you!



Is there a way to get to a playlist quicker than just scrolling thru every play list you ever made? I like to add songs as I hear them & this is a cumbersome method. Thx


I don’t usually hop on this forum but when I saw that the ’recently played’ section had been removed I felt I had to share my opinion. This feature was incredibly useful and was very helpful in not forgetting a lot of great tracks. I also use to be able to track my listening history more precisely, but being able to see your listening history  in the app would improve the user experience significantly. Even if the ‘recently played’ only showed what playlists/albums/artists I had listened to and not the specific tracks (meaning songs you queued didn’t get put in the list) it was a very useful feature. Furthermore, a complete listening history might not be necessary as long as alternatives like are available, meaning the recently played feature was actually sufficient enough and perhaps to be preferred as an in-app feature over a complete history (as a complete history, although useful, could become overwhelming or cluttered).


hope there are more people who feel the same way about this change (the implementation of which has lead to a very useful feature being removed, which in my opinion diminishes the point of a change as it is no longer strictly an improvement). Sry for writing a wall of text, I just think it’s sad to see so many changes being made that somehow end up removing features and make using Spotify harder and harder


Totally agree, Recently Played in the library was the main thing that separated you guys from Apple Music for me, but now the accessibility of the whole app has decreased a lot, as my most played albums and playlists that aren't saved have to be searched up everytime, and frankly my music listening experience feels boxed in and comprimised. Also, the alphabet on the side when scrolling saved music needs to come back, and on android, a swipe-down gesture needs to be implemented when on the album playing display screen instead of tapping the down arrow in the top lefthand corner, as this is the case for iOS devices and it's much more easier and intuitive. Hope you guys implement these changes soon, and thanks for listening to our feedback.


Recently Played is the only useful feature Spotify offered, please bring it back. 


I can't belive they have removed the Recently Played feature. This was the most useful element of the app! It is now **bleep** difficult to navigate! 


Totally agree that the recently played feature needs to come back. What crossed their mind when they decided to take that feature away? Because it was extremely useful.


Recently played was one o f the main features I used, please bring it back.