[Mobile] "Repeat One" - don't turn it off when switching Songs

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When I turn on "repeat one", that's because I want that option to be on. Yet Spotify keeps turning it off every time I manually advance the playlist (click next song). Obviously this happens a lot, because manually clicking next is the only option to get to the next song when "repeat one" is active.


Also, turn the "repeat one" icon red, so it is easier to see at a glance that this option is on (or off).


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Today the Android app updated, and "repeat one" (aka "repeat track") turns off EVERY TIME I PLAY A NEW SONG, regardless of how (even starting it from tapping it in a playlist).


This is easy, I'll unsubscribe if you don't fix it. Keep in mind that this is an advertised feature. (


I realize there were usability problems with this function because the icons look very similar. By adding a large diagonal line over the "no repeat" icon and tripling the size of the "1" in the "repeat one" icon, these should be solved. Also, the repeat/shuffle icons can be moved further out towards the edges of the screen to prevent people from accidentally tapping them.

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Agreed with tsg1zzn... except it's even worse now... the desktop application (at least on Windows) has been updated to have the same functionality. It was bad enough having it disable R1 when using the previous/next buttons, but this is just ridiculous.


I've never seen a single other music application operate this way because it's ludicrously stupid. Maybe a few people like it this way, fine, give us a setting for it.


Until then, I'm sure Amazon will enjoy more cash.


Agreed! If I change songs, it's because I want to listen to that one on repeat as well, not because I want to start listening to the rest of my playlist. 


This is the only thing I dont like with Spotify... I choosed Repeat one track mode, why remove it when I change track ?


I am considering cancelling my Spotify subscription over the non-response this issue is receiving. I have now gotten into the habit of instinctively opening "Now Playing" and turning "Repeat One" on every time I switch a track, and that's quite frustrating and a big step backwards in terms of UX.


Pretty simple, add an option to determine wether the "repeat one" mode should be kept active when switching songs. The current way (it gets turned off whenever you switch songs) is annoying to me, and many other people I hope.


Since it's debatable what way is best, just let us decide how we want it to be handled via the app settings.


Thank you for bringing this up, absolutelly yes! 

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100% agree. If there was a toggle setting to preserve the Repeat One setting, it would be perfect.


Yes, please.

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