[Music] Buy & download as MP3s

Status: Case Closed

The built-in mp3 download store has been removed from the service. I would like to request it be brought back as soon as possible!


Anyone attempting to buy downloads is now redirected to this page which offers no explaination to why this part of the service has been removed. 


Technically, the downloads store was always seperate from subscriptions however this is a massive loss for many people who use Spotify to discover new tracks but also want to own them. DJs in particular have expressed this is a massive issue on the main topic here. Anyone with a non-smart iPod who uses Spotify to sync content now has to go to the hassle of getting music from another source, importing it into Spotify and then transferring.


The ease of use that came from 1 click downloads and the ability to easily download our carefully created playlists can't be recreated using other services, this used to make Spotify unique! Even if Spotify don't want to do the downloads, can we at least get proper integration to other download service built into the client?


Please implemenet this!


Updated: 2016-04-12

Hi everyone, we're now marking this idea as 'Case Closed' as we definitely have no plans to reintroduce the downloads store.

Of course your gift cards are still redeemable so long as they are used before the expiration date. Thanks for your continued feedback, we're working hard to keep you all as up-to-date as possible.


Because it was sooooo convenient!!

Status changed to: Duplicate

Edit: Merged ideas now - this is not a duplicate of course. Vote here to get the download store back! 😉


I'm yet another member who is not pleased with this decision by Spotify.


Thinking that Spotify might be using this as a way to persuade people to upgrade to Premium that's what I've just done. How disappointing! I find that, on my mobile,  tracks on a playlist can only be played in the order in which they were added, randomly, or added to a queue (which is pretty difficult to find in itself) . The order of the queue cannot be changed either - you can't even search for a track in offline mode. In short, Spotify Premium in its current form is no replacement for owning the tracks yourself.


I'll use this month's Premium and then downgrade. Spotify, if withdrawing the facilty to buy music was a ploy to move people over to Premium, then at least you could sort the app out so that it is useful!


Most of all, lack of a proper response from Spotify about why the  purchasing of downloads is no longer possible has certainly dented this customer's loyalty.




I don't think it's fair to blame Spotify. Of course I'd like to see them back - but you only need to take a look at where Mac OS and Windows 8 are heading to guess what's happening.


I think you might have a point Jason! But I would still rather give my money to Spotify than to Microsoft! 



I am very confused, It would be enlightening to get some explaination from Spotify. There is no artist search on Spotify app and no album grouping. It's a bit crappy. Bring back downloads and do away with the short lifetime. I lost a tenner on expired downloads.

Please bring it back.


If not only for a short period so we can download all the playlists we have spent months making... A bit of warning before you did this would of been the proffessional thing to do I think.


Please give us the opportunity to purchase songs again !!!!!!

I agree that we should be warned before you did this.

Please think twice !!!!


no download option no more premium for me


Bring it back!!! I can't bring myself to search for over 1000 tracks individually on other download sites, I want the option to download playlists in one go returned ASAP!