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[Other] Bring back Behind The Lyrics

Spotify seems to have replaced Behind The Lyrics with actual lyrics. But I loved Behind The Lyrics so much! I am a music nerd and I've learned so much just from those small comments to the songs, it has become my favorite Spotify feature eventually.


I would be happy to get this back! I don't care about actual lyrics much, my Genius app automatically shows them anyway.


Update: I'm not saying the lyrics should be removed in favor of Behind The Lyrics, I'm suggesting to have Behind The Lyrics below the actual lyrics, like Storyline is now.

Updated on 2022-07-06


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Updated on 2022-01-06

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Just go to and you’ll get the behind-the-song feature. Lyrics is much more important to me and the majority of users than a half-baked “Behind the song” feature.


Spaceboy88, what do you mean? On you get a bunch of random unreviewed notes about a song, whereas in Spotify the notes were curated and also often nicely interweaved with lyrics and some general facts about the artist.


Moreover, I'm not saying this should get back instead of the lyrics, rather in addition to. In the same way as the "storyline" feature remained there, under the lyrics.


I ended up here because I was trying to find out how to turn it back on in settings... So it's gone then? 


@natewis, yes - currently it's gone 😞

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Updated on 2022-01-30

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Why would Spotify remove this 😲


Yes the Behind the Lyrics feature was awesome! One of the things I loved most about Spotify. If there was an option to turn it on or off (like the canvas) everybody would be happy.


A toggle in the settings could be optimal indeed.


Glad I found your suggestion while looking for this missed feature, I'm hoping to find a supportive app that'll do the same. It reminded me alot of the old Pop up Video show, hope they bring it back.