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[Partnership] Steam Integration

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Since I'm a big fan of Spotify, I use it on a daily basis.  Most of the times, I'm in game, playing music through the regular Windows client. I thought it would be convinient for Spotify ti be accessed there, since the regular client takes a lot of processing power (for me, at least).



Updated on 2021-07-16

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Given that this idea has been submitted a long time ago and after reviewing it again, even though it is interesting, we don't have any immediate plans to implement this.


If we do have any new information to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.


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You might also be interested to add your kudos to a similar idea about creating a Spotify SDK to use Spotify tracks for music games here. 😉


+1 Spotify Integration into Steam Music (also in Big-Picture mode)

This is a brilliant idea, it would also be amazing if you could discover new artists in the same way you do on the desktop client but instead it  would be a TV friendly interface that allows the use of a gamepad such as an Xbox360 or SteamController. Just implement it well within the current Steam Music interface and this will make millions, I'd actually highly consider buying spotify premium if i could use spotify with Big Picture mode because of how much i use Steam Music. It would be incredible if when pressing the gamepad Home button in Steam Big-Picture mode... you know when the playlist pops up, if there was a button to switch between your Spotify playlist or Steam Music playlist or maybe you could mix them together, also you know where it shows the browse music button with them 6 little squares, instead when your on the spotify playlist mode the 6 square or other icon could bring up a discover page and search anything or browse your other playlists and add to your current playlist seemlessly with a gamepad.




I have a lot of Steam games and in some less serious (not counter strike) I listen to music all the time.

Usually over bbc radio 1 with the integrated web browser in Steam interface. Wanted to use Spotify a lot too, but it's too annoying to have to minimize to change playlist / music. If it would be integrated to Steam music finally, it would be awesome I guess.


You just managed to get it done with Playstation, now make the pc gamers happy!


I would love this.


Not only do most games run in fullscreen on Steam, switching out of these games on fullscreen makes it disappear to the background (like minimizing to the task bar). This can make it a hassle to interact with when playing a game, instead of using the Steam overlay which runs on all games, which is very easy to access in game.


I know the community ideas typically need a lot of kudos to get a response, but I'd like to note that this is also discussed in the Steam community. As of writing this there's 200+ posts:


+1 on this, I've been seeing this thread just about every week (since that's how often I google if this feature is in yet). A simple (albeit temporary) way of implementing this may just be to migrate the web player to HTML5 and remove the flash dependency, so that it could be used in the Steam browser


Still wishing they'd work this out!


"Pls gaben pls"



In all seriousness though, it really is a hassle for me to switch from fullscreen game to desktop to switch songs or lower the internal volume of the Spotify app on the desktop. For me at least, since I use Windows 8.1 I usually just double tap the windows key to bring me from the game to the fancy-schmancy "Metro" start screen, and then to my desktop.

But, there's a big problem with that.

You see, for some reason, Spotify likes to be a meschiveious little leprechaun when I do that with some games and it will keep playing the music... but no window will show. Nothing, at all. Not in the taskbar, not in an actual window, and even when I try to relaunch it (even though it's still playing) nothing happens. To make matters worse, if I actually wanted to get my initial task of getting Spotify to cooperate and do my bidding of just switching playlists, I would have to fiddle around with it for a minute to make sure that it actually does so. But by then... I've been AWP'd and out of the round.

To me, just somehow integrating Steam Overlay's Music UI with Spotify-functionality just makes Spotify that much more awesome than it is now... not to mention actually reliable when playing a big hulking CPU-hog of a game like Planetside 2. 

But, I don't blame you guys for not give it to us. Valve is already tight-lipped as is, so that's not helping things along. Plus, you guys are still trying your best to give Spotify to entire countries, let alone gaming communities.

Stil, it would be awfully nice if you did. It'd probably give me a reason to actually pay for a Spotify subscription.


I'd love to see this happen.


That would be really awesome. Even though I have two monitors on my computer I cant use the other one when I am gaming. It would be really cool to integrate it into the steam overlay.