[Playlists] See in which of my Playlists a Song is in

A common situation:


1) You love Spotify so much,

you use it every single day.


2) You find a good song and you save it to Your Music,

where you already have zillions of songs


3) So you also want this song into your playlists,

which you kinda sort songs by a personal criteria that works for you


3) But this song happens to fit several of your playlists.. and you wonder:


Q1: Is this song already in my playlists?

Q2: If so, in which one/ones?


Here's a simple solution:


   1 ) right-click any song

   2 ) show ✔ next to the playlists that contain that song






Extra features (1):  Add how many times a song is repeated in the playlist:





Extra features (2): Show ♫ if a song is in your playlists:




With this feature you could browse any user playlist or any search result and figure out which songs are in your playlists at once, without checking each of your playlists manually.


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Edit: The idea has been reposted here


Updated on 2017-08-30

 Hey Folks!


Thanks to everyone for their contribution to this thread. We noticed this idea has been marked as Not Right Now for a while, so we thought we’d update everyone on its current status.


After serious consideration, we’ve decided not to introduce the ability to see which playlists a song is in. As a result, we’ve marked this idea as Case Closed. Don’t worry! Should you try to add a song twice to the same playlist, you’ll receive the following warning message:


Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 6.50.52 PM.png  

The team behind Search are also working on new and innovative ways to improve your Spotify experience. Although we’ve decided not to implement the feature as described, we appreciate all the feedback the thread generated, and rest assured we’ll use it to inform our decisions going forward.

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I would be happy to know the reasons why there are no "plans to add this exact feature to playlists". My opinion, indeed, is that the "new 'Duplicate Song' pop up" doesn't preserve from duplicates in the whole personal archive, i.e. across multiple playlists: I may insert a song in "Playlist B" without remembering that I put it in "Playlist A" one month earlier and I would end up with a double. Maybe you will tell me that I could wish to put a song, let's say "Candle in the wind", both in the "Songs by Elton John" playlist and in the "1997 hits" playlist, so we must have this feature. But what if I don't want that song in both the playlists? I'd be happy to see if a certain song is already in my "archive", inside any of my playlists, in order not to insert a duplicate. Could you please give me some feedback about that? Thanks!

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If this discussion gives us something is that apparently Spotify team only cares for our suggestions if they were already thinking about them. Otherwise it's just a place to make us think that they care their subscribers... 😕

guys i nd help,

  i downloaded some jason mraz's songs before getting spotify premium and i can played them. after getting premium, i dont know why i cant play those songs i hv downloaded. how can i play them again and i  really wanna listen to them


Thank you Atzcapilla. It's really very helpful. 


Very much want this feature.  


Hi @atzcapilla


I really like your idea.


There's another Live Idea that I think would be great in combination with yours:


Add Song to More than One Playlist at Once


Combining the two great ideas could give us something even more useful.


I have already posted a link there to this Topic, hoping that it might bring some more kudos. I have voted for both and hope more people do likewise. 🙂

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Hello. With regard to what I wrote in this post about the risk of unconsciously putting a song in two playlists ending with a double entry, there's a simple workaround, that is to save in one's music (the plus symbol) everytime one puts a song in a playlist. That way, if a song is signed with the checkmark, it would mean that it's in at least one of one's playlists.

Have a nice day.


we need this. even if it is just a simple checkmark to indicate that the song has already been added to a playlist.


wow! nice idea, I hope it gets implemented now.


I can't even BEGIN to comprehend the logic with Spotify team here...


Describing this as "exact same" with duplicate song warning feature?! WOW, just wow.


OK guys, could you PLEASE tell me, how the HELL am I supposed to find if ALL of my music is in CATEGORIES I divided them to?


E.g. I have playlists for Soundtrack, Pop, Classical etc.


So just PLEASE tell me, out of hundreds of songs, how the HELL am I supposed to know if I missed a song or not?!


So... do you know what extent this takes using Spotify to?


Say I have hundreds of classicals in one list, but, since I'm a human capable of (or to put it better, prone to) making an error, how the HELL am I supposed to know if I didn't miss one song? And let's say if I did... How the HELL am I supposed to find it?! Or if I did, how the HELL am I supposed to know if there are more?


So, this takes Spotify to this: You can actually have one or more songs in your music, and COMPLETELY miss listening those songs FOREVER, because if you choose to play music mainly using playlists for certain genre of music, you have NO chance of listening to that song. You also don't PROBABLY have a chance to COME ACROSS that song YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT UNTIL YOU LISTEN TO IT in hundreds of music.


So yeah this makes pretty much using Spotify ALMOST useless. And you STILL didn't implement such a CRUCIAL feature! After FOUR YEARS. And you DON'T EVEN KNOW how crucial this is. Do you even use Spotify YOURSELVES?!


Just realize that you don't need to make such a complicated feature. Just give me a darn ICON to see IF a song is in ANY list, OR NOT. That's ALL I want. NOTHING more. IF you did this SIMPLEST thing, you would make THOUSANDS of people's life easier.