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we REALLY need the ability to ORGANIZE / SORT podcasts intelligently on iOS. I’m shocked that we don’t have the ability to do this!!! It’s difficult to navigate through saved podcasts in order of “recently updated”. Can Spotify please look into this? Thank you


on desktop you can sort A-Z. or by recently updated. That’s at least a little bit better. We need the ability to organize podcasts into meaningful groups that we can navigate easily. If not it’s such a headache!!!

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Hopefully this gets looked at think it's a great idea and would significantly enhance user experience in terms of being able to sort, organize, view and ultimately listen to podcasts.


This is necessary for anyone who follows more than 15 or 20 podcasts. Sorting by most recent content does me no good. Having 76 followed podcasts in a single container is just dang difficult to manage. Many dont release every week so they filter further and further down. 

Castbox gets it. 

Please make this so. 


The new playlist “your podcasts” is really nice, but I personally like to listen to my podcasts from oldest to newest, being that reason why I didn’t use Spotify for that. Now that I can have all shows in one place and being able to actually see all my unplayed episodes, it would be nice if I can sort all of them from oldest to newest


The sort option is a must. I, for example, listen to history podcasts,  so I want to listen to older episodes before the newer ones. Maybe have the option to manually organize the playlist. Because I want to listen to podcasts my way.

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Same problem with sorting in the Android app.



This is the most important feature for me (I'm shure I'm not the only one, 6 votes already 😄 ) to start using Spotify as my primary podcast player. It seems as a basic feature for a podcast app to play episodes from different podcasts from oldest to newest. A lot of podcasts follow a timeline of some sort (history, news, IHMO all podcasts) so even as a default behaviour for episodes to play in a newst to oldest seems to make no sense. 


I hope this feature gets a lot of attention and gets implemented soon for me to consider switching to listening podcasts in Spotify. I have been a premium Spotify user since the very beginning after availability in my country. Sometimes the logic behind Spotify playlists algorythms seems confusing (queue list etc). I like the idea of listening to music and podcasts (all audio, a wider business plan for Spotify obviously) in one app but the features that are implemented at the moment are far from decent to switch (not even talking about auto add to "my episodes" playlist, trim silence etc).


All the best. 




UPDATE: There seems to be a reverse logic in the order the different episodes are added to "Your episodes" list. The list is populated from bottom to top in the order the episodes are added - lastly added episodes on the top of the list. Might be confusing but for someone who wants to listen to episodes from oldest to newest you have to start adding episodes under "Podcasts > Episodes" to "Your episodes" from the newest releases and then finish listening to "Your episodes" list, then clear it and then add new episodes following the mentioned logic. 

If your head explodes, I can try to take screenshots etc to visualise this 😄



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