Quick Scroll Bar for iOS

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iOS version must have the same scroll bar as the Android version. Currently, there is no direct way to scroll down directly to the bottom of a playlist, which is absolutely not user friendly, especially if you have more than 100 songs in a playlist.

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I definitely agree with you. I have more than 500 songs on my playlist and it is really torment to scroll down directly to the bottom of it


This is such a basic feature which has been implemented in iOS since 2010? Not having it in 2016 is just sheer stupidity. C'mon Spotify listen to your paid customers, we don't need fancy stuffs but at least give us the basic functionalities?


Yes it is just laziness that this hasn't been written in, its in all competing/similar apps, and in the android version 


Please sort it, I have many playlists which contain all my recent music - 2000+ songs, which I just can't use now. 




Coming over from Android missing this feature really reduced my user experience.


Agree with comments here. This is basic functionality that needs to be in place and makes navigating any long list more difficult. Even the original iPod had this where if you scrolled that wheel fast enough it came up with a letter selection to jump to. Even that would be better than nothing. Please address this issue. 


Oh god yes please give me a scroll bar!

Having a main playlist of 1000+ songs makes scrolling to the bottom a hair-pulling experience.

Dare I leave the playlist to look for something else? Will I have to scroll down all over again? Better not tempt fate...

Some design decisions just baffles me. Perhaps they thought aesthetics is more important than usability. If we who use large playlists are a disappearingly small percentage I guess it makes some sense.



I also AGREE with this suggestion. I have 500+ osngs in my playlist.

Please support ad spread this..


I can't believe it's been a year and we still don't have quick scroll on iOS.


Well, they say that they can't do it because of iOS Limitations..

I was thinking that... spotify pays apple for all features..
and we pay to spotify for streaming and premium feature

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