Spotify for BlackBerry 10

Update 07/02/13 - BlackBerry 10 has now launched in the UK and Canada, and sales look good! 


Hopefully you are aware that BlackBerry will finally (hopefully) be launching their completely new and redesigned operating system, BB10 in January 2013 in the UK and canada, with other countries to follow soon!


I think it would be awesome if Spotify could give BlackBerry some loving, and have a fully functional and fully featured application ready when the new devices become available. The current BlackBerry client lacks serveral of the features of other mobile operating systems. 


BlackBerry are so desperate to get applications on their new platform, I'm sure they would be willing to work with you guys directly to get this implemented in time! It might even be possible and relatively easy to port the android version over as BB10 has android application support! It will also be reaching a larger market as it will run on BB10 phones and the BlackBerry Playbook when it also gets updated.


Just a suggestion for now, I know 2013 is still a few months of, but I just think it would be amazing to have spotify ready to go on these devices. 


Please can we have this as soon as possible and not let it be another WP8 long wait!





Android sideload possibly working?: Check out this post


Hi everyone.

Considering the amount of kudos this idea has received we’ve done some serious soul searching and we’ve had numerous internal discussions. However, we don't have plans to offer an official Blackberry app at this time.

We’re aware that someone managed to get the Android client working on Blackberry as well. However, building a native app for Blackberry is another animal entirely. 

At the moment we're unable to build, keep it up and running, dedicate resources to updating it in parallel to our major platforms, along with making sure all the separate bits inside the client remain compatible and fully functional, doing QA; the list goes on.



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Agreed!!!! Come on guys!!! Give Blackberry some LOVE!!!! Hell I'll be the first to actually get a paid subscription because it's on BB10!!!! 


Come on Spotify!! Please give us some spotify on BB10. You guys are gonna reach 80 million users and growing. Dont discriminate please :((

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Why this is not supported? Add Kudos. There is big userbase with BB.

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Only 65 days to go 😄



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I'm just trying to get it to work on BB 6 !  Sheesh! I am SERIOSLY considering going Android in July or sooner when my phone contract runs out. 😞

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What type of phone do you have? 

If you want to PM me (click on my name which will take you to my profile and then click send a private message on the right hand side) I will try and help 😉



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This NEEDS to be done. 


The current Spotify app for BlackBerry is just barely adequate. I understand not wasting resources on a platform that will no longer be around (BB 6 & 7) but BB10 is going to be such a huge release in the smartphone world, it cannot go ignored. 


BlackBerry 10 is definitely my next phone. The mobile app is the only reason I pay for Spotify Premium. I'll be forced to cancel my subscription if there is no longer BlackBerry support.


I don't want to have to cancel!!

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Spotify without BB-support would also be a No-Go for me. I mostly listen to music while walking/driving/whatever.


I really don't think it would be rocket science to offer a good client on the BB. I really don't need any fancy UI. I am already happy with an app, that doesn't crash and cleans its cache once in a while. That would really be awesome!



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I don't understand how this both hasn't gotten kudos and no response from Spotify. 


Are you developing an app for BlackBerry 10? That's all we want to know.


I really feel like it would be foolish to NOT have a BB10 app. Alienating loyal customers is never a good idea.


Please give us a BB10 app. Thanks!


What about the html5 web based spotify?  works well on my playbook already