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[Subscription] Military / Forces Discount

Status: Case Closed

Spotify currently offer students a 50% discount, yet no forces discount. Spotify should introduce a forces discount for current serving members of the armed forces. 

Updated on 2021-08-24

Hey everyone,

Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange.

This idea has been set to Not Right Now for quite a while now. In this time we’ve regularly monitored it and are aware of its popularity. We appreciate the feedback you’ve left and have regularly reported and discussed it with the relevant team. 

In light of these discussions we wanted to let you know that although possible in the long term, there are no plans to implement this in the immediate future. We’ll be setting the status to closed for now, to match our new Idea Exchange statuses. 

As soon as we have any new information to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.

Thanks for understanding.

Status changed to: New Idea

Would make sense, everyone should be respecting what the armed forces do, so a discount subscription would be the least Spotify could do for them 🙂




But it shouldn't just be active military. The veterans deserve recognition as well


Also, doctors, nurses, teachers, policemen, cleaners, farmers... Yep, pretty much all of us contribute to society.


 longwayround I am not certain you have the perspective to make that generalized comment about the degree that our Armed Forces "contribute to society"


although our armed forces do "contribute to society" our mission is actually more on the line of protecting the ideals that make up what your society allows you to accomplish.  


on one hand you are choosing a line of work that helps another person or your community, which is very honorable.  


on the other hand you are sacrificing anywhere between six and fourty years of your life, giving up cherished time with loved ones, forfeiting education or the option to live inside the society that you are sworn to protect, spending years inside countries that do not have any respemblance to our country and to the freedoms we enjoy without a second thought, and they do this all selflessly--for the opportunity for millions back home and in the future to be able to make the choice for themselves if they want to "contribute to society"


So I'm guessing that this will never happen? I would really apprecite the ability to use this while I am deployed or in the field. Pandora is not the most ideal application in most situations. Please pass this for veterains and serving members, we would appreciate the support!

This kind of comes across as a snub to the armed forces. Considering that spotify can afford to give a 50% discount to students, and yet no discount to armed forces? I love spotify but I may or may not continue to support them or spread word about them if this is not addressed, On principle

Considering many, many military personnel join to simply be able to pay for their college education, I defintely will add that I think the military discount is a great idea. 


once i calculated how much it cost i decided to stick with the free version since pandora is so much cheaper. im ad and i just got a vpn to listen to them while overseas. yeah they are going to loose a lot of listeners over the discount... and @ nikkib063 we may join for some of the perks such as college but most of us dont actually get to use any of those perks until after retirement depending on your job and branch.


This needs to be a thing, if people who are in school get a discount why not us active duty soldiers too ??