[Your Library] Show all Artists in Library, not just followed Artists.

I like to scroll through my library and find old liked songs, from Artists that are not too well known to me, to listen to. However, there is only one way to do this currently and that is to go to 'Liked Songs' and scroll through thousands of all my liked songs, which is not practical.


The artists filter in my library will only show 'followed' artists. Now I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I do not follow every single artist where I like a song from which makes the filter really poor when scrolling through to listen to older music and/or creating playlists. I don't just want to see all the songs I like from followed artists, I want to see ALL artists that I like a song, or songs, from.


Similar to the album filter, it only shows liked albums and not songs that have been liked from that album, so these filters are really poor unless you want to spend hours scrolling through all your Liked Songs.

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People have been begging them to undo this change for a while. I actually switched to Rhapsody/Napster because Napster works this way. I want my library to always show all songs, artists, and albums that I like, and only those. When I click on an album I've added, I want to see only the songs that I've added. (A lot of times I'll add an album and remove one song, e.g., because it has singing and I want instrumental.) So if I play it from my library, only my saved songs play. Likewise when I click on artist, I want to see all the albums that have songs I've saved and play only those songs. Make "following" an artist something separate.


This idea has been mentioned so many times, but spotify doesn't seem to care.


So ridiculous that they claim this is a 'new suggestion'. This is how spotify worked before they added this stupid follow/like idiocy. And I gave up hope that they bring a basic library feature back and developed my own way to browse my library. It uses the spotify API:

Fell free to try and use it. Helps me finding my artists. Spotify is useless for that matter!

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completely agree, I was super confused at first by how it works currently as this is how I would expect it to work


Yes - this!


Please bring back the Artists screen for liked songs (where it showed each Artist and the number of songs you had liked for that Artist). This was a great feature and I used it all the time.


Just doing it for followed artists is not much use if you don't use 'Follow' (and I don't / won't - it's not how I use Spotify).


Here's a thought - why not please everybody - make it a toggle in the Artists page (i.e. I can toggle betwen 'Liked' and 'Followed'). I never understood why the Artists / Liked songs feature was replaced with Followed only.


Please add this back in!!


2336 votes, was marked as implemented, and is by far not the only request for basic features Spotify needlessly ditched.


I might be wrong, but perhaps a lot of people aren't around anymore to throw their 2 cents in.

Too bad they won't participate in this little poll (but you can):



It's been over 2 years since this very basic feature was removed for whatever reason. Thousands of users have voted to bring it back and Spotify still hasn't listened. I mean what kind of music library doesn't let you browse a list of artists whose songs you've liked?


If they don't fix this soon I'm finding an alternative.


Since a lot of users really want this feature back, we should probably paste the link to this idea in whatever forum or discussion we come across. That way this idea can gain more traction.