adjustable fontsize spotify client.

I want to be able to adjust the fontsize of the windows spotify client, so i can use it on my mediacenter without binoculars. On a 42" tv it is just not readable unless you are right in front of it. That is not the idea of a mediacenter. So I don't use spotify on it.


Hello folks,

First at all, really sorry for the delay on updating this idea, we have a lot of them coming in every day so sometimes it takes time and we also have to prioritize. Hope you can all understand.

We are going to mark this as "Case closed". At the moment it does not really fit out our design philosophy. However we might come back to it in the future, so keep an eye on the updates.

Thanks a lot for your contribution and ideas, we really appreciate it 🙂

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This is a popular request, see the old forum:

The original request was made 3 years ago, with 38 replies and 40 people watching the forum. There are many more who also want this but haven't posted (for example freinds of mine want this feature).


People who want or need this:

Those running spotify on large screens (projectors, TVs, large computer monitors)

Those with poor eye sight (even more important on a large screen!)



I know this is popular. Most of my friends use Spotify on large TVs og Projectors. Spread the word and make all your friends give this the thumbs up!

If it gets enough fame, i bet the spotify developers implement this rather quickly (I don't see how this can be a difficult thing to do).

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It is time that Spotify gets their accessibility settings sorted. In a survey at the University of Southampton, UK of media apps it was found the most inaccessible:

One of these problems is the lack of an option to change text size.


Oh yes, please have the font size adjustable, I can't read it very well at all on my 32inch TV at just over 5 ft away. 😞 

It's not brilliant to read when I have the laptop in front of my either.


I already wear glasses so I don't want to make it worse. Smiley Embarassed


Many of us are using Spotify on entertainment solutions, like on a large HDTV with a decent audio hardware rather than in front of a screen with lousy headphones or laptop speakers.


It's super frustrating to squeeze your eyes to see anything only couple of feet away from a 50" screen with 1080p resolution. And there is nothing wrong with my sight. What will happen, when users start to move to 4k resolutions few years from now? Will Spotify start to provide users with magnifying glasses?


Rather than starting new community forums after another the Spotify employees should concentrate to make the application as user friendly and adjustable as possible. This is what makes the best and most popular applications / services.


I'm considering to cancel my payment subscription until this issue is corrected. After all there are ways to listen to music from the web with browser. To scale browser you simply press CTRL + or CTRL -. How difficult must this be?

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For **bleep**s sake Spotify, this has been discussed for 200 years on getsatisfaction. Hear us!

We're alot of people who use Spotify on a computer hooked up to a TV with high-res. And we're all unable to read any text in Spotify!


Add a font size preference to the Spotify Client ASAP!


It seems like such a major flaw.. Why is this feature not available? Surely someone at Spotify must have realised this problem by now..?

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Awesome, Spotify! The function, which you or any coder  can make in 5 minutes, is asked from Spotify for years.


Spotify should be rewarded generously. The coder, which does nothing.


Fun or is this already a joke?

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This is the only reason I have not gotten the premium version. I use my tv to stream my music from youtube. It's free and I can see it clear as day. Good luck finding a solution for this before you lose your customers to some company who will provide the solution.

Font size and colour. It's not just that the text is too small to be read easily on my widescreen monitor, it's that it's in a low contrast pairing of white on grey.


Accessibility is something that is built into law in the UK with the Equality Act. See:


For leisure services, such as Spotify's, the legal force to comply with accessibility standards is covered by:


"The Equality Act clearly outlines that 'reasonable adjustments' must me made to ensure customers do not experience any barriers to accessing information or services. 

Leisure and retail professionals, need to make sure that they can be flexible enough to implement 'reasonable adjustments' and that they are in place for blind and partially sighted customers."


Given how simple it would be to build in font size and colour settings in the preferences, I think they would certainly come under 'reasonable adjustments'.