[iOS] Incorporate Search into Spotify CarPlay Experience

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Now that iOS 12 has opened up CarPlay APIs, there should be no reason the Spotify CarPlay app can't include search. All of the maps apps include actual keyboard support for searching within their CarPlay app – why can't Spotify do that too?

Updated on 2021-05-20

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Updated on 2018-09-27

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Yes please, just do it.


This is a welcoming feature and would really rival other apps. It would also provide much needed usability when comparing to what is possible in a Tesla. 


This idea has over 100 likes...any update, Spotify?


Now im testing the iOS 13 Beta its a better artwork overall with carplay but i still miss the Search-Tool. 

In any case, you would make life a little easier for us. So Please add a search-bar to search songs, artists etc.

Is quite cumbersome to use the phone to  search for a song?  What do I use CarPlay for?

Greetings from Germany


Any updates? This is a huge miss. It is so very obvious that one should be able to search using the car screen interface. Also, I should be able to access my Artists from the car interface and choose an album to play but that functionality is not there either. The interface is sorely lacking in its current form.


I'm going to switch back to Apple Music if you can't get off your asses and implement this, Spotify. 


Unbelievable that this feature is still missing from Apple Carplay... Wake up, Spotify!!


My Volvo V90 built-in entertainment system comes with a native Spotify app, which DOES include the SEARCH option. 


Please bring this option to Carplay's Spotify as well 🙏


Same feedback here, please add the search feature!


I think this would improve safety. The lack of ability to search on CarPlay encourages people to pick up their phones. 

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