Post of the Week - What's it like to be a Rock Star?

Post of the Week - What's it like to be a Rock Star?




One part of being a Rock Star is the ability to choose a specialized Rock Star role such as Fun Master, Community Mentor or Idea Guardian. Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 12.58.51 PM.png


Another role is Blog Maverick with the ability to write and suggest blog posts. @MichaelW  has become a leader within this role, posting the "What's it like to be a Rock Star" blog post this week. 


This means he also won a brand new badge while setting a great example for other Blog Mavericks. You can read the beginning of his blog post below:


"Hey there!
Welcome to my first Community blog post!
I'm Michael and I'm 16 years old, from The Netherlands.
In this blog post I'd like to talk about being a Spotify Rock Star! What is it, what do we do, and how did we become Rock Stars.
As Rock Stars we help others around the Spotify Community with answering questions, solving problems, reviewing ideas, and chilling around at the off-topic boards. As a reward for our work we get awesome goodies (like a Spotify umbrella, sunglasses etc), invites to Spotify staff calls, an awesome (I love this thing!) RSP hoodie, and more!"



You've got a free month of Premium coming your way Michael. Enjoy it and have a great week!