[Tutorial] Finding Friends - All Methods!

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With the Spotify social system, it is amazingly easy to share content with your friends which is great! But sometimes it can be a bit tricky to find and follow your friends in the first place especially if you or your friend is not connected to Facebook. This tutorial serves as a quick "How-To" find and follow your friends in Spotify! 



1. Both you and your friend are connected to Facebook (and are friends on Facebook!)

2. You or your friend is connected to Facebook, or you are not Facebook friends.



Both you and your friend are connected to Facebook (and are friends on Facebook!)


Sending tracks to friends

This makes finding, following and sharing with your friends really really easy! 

If you want to share a track, album, artist or playlist with a Facebook friend just right click on the item and select "Share...".


Community-Desktop Share.jpg



Once you get the share dialogue, press "Send to Friend" (or you can post to a feed if you like!!) and then start typing your friends name in the first box. You should get him or her offered as a suggestion below, click on that to complete the box! Add an optional message and then click SEND!


Community-Desktop Share 2.jpg



Job done! That track will then appear in your friends inbox! 


Finding friends to follow

This is also amazingly easy! Find friends at the bottom of the Friend Feed on the right-hand side. To do so, click FIND FRIENDS, then find your Facebook-connected friends:


Community-Desktop Share 3.jpg


Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 09.49.15.png 



Or you can find them directly by typing their name into the main Spotify search box and their profile will be offered as a search suggestion under the heading PROFILES:


Community-Desktop Share 4.jpg


Once you get to your friend’s profile, it is just a matter of clicking the FOLLOW button and then his or her activity will show up in your Friend Feed (on the right of the client).


Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 10.02.30.png




You or your friend is not connected to Facebook, or you are not Facebook friends.


If this is the case, you need to find and follow your friend before you can share tracks to his or her inbox which can be one of the most tricky parts of the Spotify social system. However, don't worry once you get it set up you are sorted!


Very useful tip: Your Spotify username is shown on your online account. Spotify usernames are different from Facebook usernames! You also can't search using email addresses (due to privacy!)


Method 1 - Works best if your friend has a dedicated Spotify username

If your friend has a dedicated Spotify username, then finding them is relatively straightforward in the desktop client! You need to carry out a Spotify URI search with the username, put simply you need to type:


into the main Spotify search box, with USERNAME replaced with your friends username and hit enter! That will load your friend’s Spotify profile in the client, from which you need to press the FOLLOW button:


Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 10.02.30.png



Once you are following your friend, you can share tracks with them exactly the same way as above in the Facebook friend section. If your friends account is connected to Facebook and yours isn't you should still be able to use their real name in the sharing dialogue! 


This method works no matter what way a Spotify account was created. If your friend created their account using Facebook, they will have a username (shown on their online account) which is a number, if you put that number in place of USERNAME it will still work. 



Method 2 - Works best if you have a Spotify username


If you have a Spotify username, then get your friend to find you using the steps in Method 1, and ask them to send you a playlist or a track. From your inbox, you can then locate and follow their Spotify profile. Just click on their name in your inbox!


Community-Desktop Share 5.jpg



Method 3 - Finding friends without Spotify searching


The final method involves another communication channel outside of Spotify. If username searching is a little to much hassle, just get your friend to send you a link to one of their playlists outside of Spotify, via email or Facebook chat (or whatever!). Getting a link to a playlist is simple, just right click on the name of the playlist, and select either "Copy Playlist Link" or "Copy Spotify URI" (both point to the same thing!):


Community-Desktop Share 6.jpg



Note: It has to be a link to one of their own playlists (one they have created themselves!), not one that they follow!


Once you get the playlist, open the link, it should open the playlist in Spotify. Once that is done, all you need to do is click on your friends name at the top of the playlist (since they are the author) and it will load their profile and from there you can follow them! 


Community-Desktop Share 7.jpg


Once you are following them, you can share using the same method as in the Facebook friends section above! 

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Neat 🙂


After I read this, I realized that I had seen this method before (spotify:user:username).  So, I tried it again.  Still no luck connecting to my friend.  By the way, we are not using facebook.  


When I tried to send her a playlist using email, I was successful in sending it.   At first she thought she had the playlist, but then, after the first song, it did not continue to play the playlist, but went into the radio based on the first song of the playlist.  


SHould it matter that I have the free version?  



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No, not for sharing. However if your friend was trying to play your playlist back on a mobile device that would require them to have premium. 




Thank you for the instructions about finding friends without facebook. This was most helpful, as I was able to find my pal!

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This still doesn't tell me how to get a friend. This just tells me how to follow!!!!!!

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I need some HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Friends and follow are the same thing on Spotify 😉 




hello. tried all these methods and nothing is working for me. it's funny, when i type anything into the search bar, no user names come up, just artists. also, the spotify:user:(username) technique didn't work either.


i'll keep trying and checking back here, as i'm sure there's a solution out there somewhere. really disconcerting though the way facebook has begun to monopolize the internet. 


 Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 3.52.44 PM.png

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@whiskey_soup - Are you connected to Facebook? Also for the spotify:user:username search, are you definitely searching for your friend by their Spotify username (which is different to a Facebook username - in fact if their account was created using Facebook their "username" will be a number. Anyone can find out their username from their online overview)? 




I appreciate your effort to help people find friends, but I think you should edit the title to reflect that all methods you suggest involve using a computer; I read the post because of my difficulty finding a friend via the Spotify mobile app, which isn't discussed here but certainly constitutes one method of finding friends.


I'm in my free trial and am only interested in using Spotify on my iPhone 5 and not on my computer. I signed up because of a current user's recommendation. Both of us use Spotify usernames, not Facebook. When I search for his username under the Friends area of the app, nothing comes up. As I said, I'm in my trial so I just started using Spotify, but it seems like finding my friend shouldn't be more complicated than correctly entering his username in the Friends search field. Given the need for a tutorial like this just to try to find a friend whose username you know, I'm becoming uninclined to continue after the free trial.


I too cannot find any user when entering their name in the search bar, regardless of whether or not we are Facebook friends. The only names that come up are the people I am already following on spotify.


I really want to find a user but I only know their full name (and we are friends on Facebook and we are both connected to Facebook).


This only seems to be a recent thing as it use to work before a recent update.

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And what happens if one hasn't a facebook account? Because believed or not there are people without facebook! And moreover, they evan have friends too!!


 Spotify, please, work in this. I cannot share songs with my friends from your mobile app. Which is really sad :(.


Hi I am working with scenario 1. Both you and your friend are connected to Facebook (and are friends on Facebook!)

But only 1 suggestion for somebody to follow comes up and also for me the user does not come up at all, I know his name as used in facebook but Spotify cannot find anything


How do you find a user if they have a space in their name? For example, spotify:user:barking moon. It doesn't work. I can find barkingmoon and barking, but not barking moon. (Words changed for privacy reasons.)

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I have replied to your PM 😉


I still need to learn how to find out what a particular Spotify is listening to. Or, in addition, see what their current playlists are. On my desktop, I just don't see a way to type in an existing Spotify friend to see what they have been listening to. This is frustrating! I saw my one friend in the right hand stream of current songs being listened to. I clicked on the album she was listening to. It was GREAT! Now I can't go find her and her list of playlists to see what I listened to briefly yesterday. As a social community, I want to be able to search for a friend and see their playlists. And, as a member of a social community with friends in that community, I want to be able to send them a message asking what they were listening to.


I don't find my friend neither by name or playlist.

Both of us are connected through spotify alone

Noone has linked facebook accounts in and don't intend to do so. 🙂

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I too don't use Facebook and Spotify needs to make searching for others very simple instead of having to use some special search syntax “spotify:user:USERNAME" that most will never know about.


It's just flat out bad, searching for people needs to be simple and foolproof for all. Those that have tried to follow my playlists are having trouble finding my profile, I hope a direct link to it works. Spotify this really sucks!



hi ya spotify!!!


a few friends and i have signed up for spotify ( not for facebook) and pay a tidy little sum to yourselves for the use of a great product!( we have a little round robin/secret santa thing going on, between 63 of us here in RL, we like our music!) most of us now dont have facebook anymore and use phones or tables, please tell us how we can share music with each other!!!!


from a guy and a care home thats getting a little peed off!!!!


If spotify is trying to make it big, it should have options for people to connect. I don't wanna write "code" to find my friend. I just wanna use the email addresses and spotify does have atleast one email address for everyone. It should be regardless of whether they are using Facebook, Spotify or anything. No matter how much of a genius the developer for this module is, that person is lazy! I wish spotify had more enthusiastic people who really wanted people to share their music.