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How do I get blends to update?

How do I get blends to update?

It’s in the title.
I have a blend with my wife and daughter for when we’re all hanging around the house or in the car. It’s never updated. Not one time in two months. I’ve logged out of all 3 accounts. I’ve cleared the cache on all 3. I’ve restarted and reinstalled.
We listen to diverse music on our own. My wife and I listen to our daylist daily and they’ve been good about mixing things up and playing more variety than anything Spotify has put forward to date.
Why can’t we just force it refresh?! Like, this should be a feature anyways for those times where it just picks the wrong vibe(in the event it were to update the Blend).
Is this in beta still? Like 2 years into it existing?
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Hey @newgreyarea,


Note that the addition of new entries in the Blend may not occur on every daily update. In general, the playlist includes songs you've been repeatedly listening to recently, so in order for a song to appear in the Blend, it would require you to have played it several times already.


Even if you don't see any new entries, rest assured that the Blend updates daily, however, the updates could be minor, like changing the song order of the playlist. Still, you can all try leaving the Blend and creating a new one to see if that does the trick.


As for the Refresh feature you mentioned, it sounds like a cool idea, so feel free to share it on our Idea Exchange board. Others can then show their support by giving it a thumbs up and sharing their feedback. More info on the Idea Exchange board here.


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Hey Yordan, 

Thanks for the response. 
I understand how it’s supposed to work. It just isn’t. The songs and song order hasn’t moved in weeks. It’s full of things we don’t actually actively listen to. My wife and I listen to our Daylist and our Liked songs on shuffle. That’s over 20k songs to choose from just in my library. 
for example.  
FKA Twigs has been the first song for the entire time. Garbage the second. We found that novel as none of us actively listen to either. So I assumed it was trying to find some common ground between the moody/rock stuff I listen to and maybe the more pop friendly stuff the kid listens to and the more female lead stuff my wife listens to. 

The only way to get it to update is to delete it and recreate the blend every time I guess. 
anyways it is 1000% not working as you described above on any level. The only commonality being that what you’re describing and what I’m experiencing are both in Spotify. 🤷🏻‍♂️

lemme know if you have any thoughts other than the 50 things I tried already to fix this issue. Thanks!🙏 

I can’t stress enough how often we listen to music at home. I have it on in the living room most of the day. My kid has it built into her alarm in the morning and literally showers with a speaker so she can have tunes on. My wife has it going in the office all day. So that’s 3 algos to pick from. All playing things that never influence this list. 🤷🏻‍♂️

I see what you mean @newgreyarea. Something else you folks can try out (if you haven't already) is leaving the Blend again, and this time, have someone else create it + invite the rest.


Another thing that comes to mind is removing some of the songs in the Blend from the three dots menu. The next time the Blend updates, new ones should be generated in their place.


Hope these suggestions help. Take care!

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I tried to add a Blends Refresh thread to the ideas forum but it said “access denied”. 🤷🏻‍♂️

I came here for the same topic.  I have a blend with several friends, and it hasn't changed in weeks.  I just shuffles the songs to different positions.  We've all been extremely disappointed.  Placing a fix on the user to leave the blend or restart it is unacceptable.  Either the feature works, or it doesn't.  Elementary Google search shows this has been an ongoing issue since it was in early beta - some discussions go back to 2021 on this site alone.

I share a blend playlist with my girlfriend. She is a free user, I am premium. Our playlist does not change at all despite the infobox stating there would be new songs every day.







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ANdroid, Windows...


My Question or Issue

I'm using the "Mix à plusieurs" feature, with several spotify friends.

Despite we created the playlist since many weeks, it seems that it is not updating at all, same songs since its debuts whereas it should be updated every days... what's wrong?

just for your knowledge, there is no remove option in the 3 dots option of this playlist

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