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How do I keep Taylor Swift's music from infecting my Spotify experience?

How do I keep Taylor Swift's music from infecting my Spotify experience?

Taylor Swift's music keeps popping up in my playlists, and I absolutely abhor her. Her music is awful and D grade at best. I don't want her anywhere near my music and I certainly don't want to accidentally add any play counts to her songs by not skipping fast enough. Is there any way you can "block" an artist? I don't even want to see her "This is..." come up on my home page because I hate her face as well. It's CLEAR that you are being paid by her record label to promote her.
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Hi there.

You can block an artist on mobile. You cannot on desktop.


To block an artist, please read this post.

Thank you!!!


FYI, 30 seconds of play time counts as a stream, according to this FAQ on Spotify for Artists.

  1. I have blocked/removed Taylor Swift on the artist page, because that was the instruction to prevent her music in my playlists, etc. But suddenly, nearly every Spotify generated playlist has her music, almost all of my suggested albums are hers and she is consistently the New Release suggestions, even though the album wasn't just released and I haven't listened to any of her music. Is this just Taylor Swift that has this bypass, or is the unfollow/block option ineffective across the board? I'd like to maximize my own choice and enjoyment of music. 


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