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Missing Music?

Missing Music?

In response to the numerous missing music posts, I've paraphrased this from Spotify's music FAQs.


Spotify wants all the world’s music to be available in all countries. However, some artists and tracks are not currently available. Sometimes agreements can’t be reached with the artist or label or a change may happen in music ownership. 

Thousands of albums and artists are being added to Spotify every day. If you can’t find an artist you’re looking for, they may appear (or reappear) soon.

In the meantime, feel free to contact the artist or their label to ask when they plan to be on Spotify.


You can also open this form and provide Spotify with feedback. 
When doing so, do please keep in mind that this is an internal list they will use at regular intervals, to see how much interest there is for any given band. Submitting a name does not mean they will magically be showing up soon.

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I was wondering why do some artists allow very early albums and or later albums but not necessarily their best output, I'm what would be called a classic rock fan these days and I'm referring to the Scorpions, their most popular period for rock fans was from 1978 - 1985 but it is not represented on Spotify.

Other bands I would love to see on here are Budgie (the Welsh rock band, Spotify has a measly 1 track of theirs, Breadfan on a rock compilation album) and more Bob Seger please.

@Steveh1970 hi. I moved your post to this thread. The first post explains about missing content.

Rudimentary peni! PLEASE! and more Crass.  get rid of the stupid subhumans (canada) and put in some real subhumens some examples of albums are, the day the country died, cradle to the grave, etc. if you decide to add anything new PLEASE, PLEASE AD SOME RIDIMENTARY PENI!!!!! I'LL DIE WITHOUT IT!

I've been looking for the Shell Shocked by the No Limit artist Mac.  It seems that you have his other albums.  Also, my playlist with Diplomats album Diplomatic Immunity disappeared as well some of Camrons and Juelz Santanas music.  Whats the deal with that?

The publishers might be able to tell you since they put music on Spotify and take it away.

Hi. I know that you, Joe, explained why some songs/albums of artists aren't on Spotify, but I don't understand why there's, like, 1 song of an artist that isn't on spotify when, say, all other songs by that artist, is, in fact, on Spotify. Right now I'm referring to Ludo's The horror of our love, but I am aware that this isn't the only song (by any artist) that isn't on Spotify, and that there's probably many others asking the same question about other artists.

Can confirm that track is indeed on Spotify:

Ludo – The Horror Of Our Love


However, the album Ludo – You're Awful, I Love You which it is on is only licensed to be available in the US, (Canada - where Spotify isn't available) and Mexico. 


I would get in touch with the record label and ask them what is going on! 

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I don't have premium but out of NOWHERE Spotify quit unexpectedly and asked me to log back in, took multiple attempts but i finally did but ALL.OF.MY.PLAYLISTS.WERE.GONE. I had sooo many. The next thing that happened it gave me a tour as if I was new to Spotify. HELP?

My guess is there is a lawyer in the way. Legal issue. I get the same results.

I guess this doesn't explain the missing Collections tab... 😞

It seems that folk are having issues with Collection across devices. Either it has disappeared completely or "Albums" is missing. This has been escalated to the staff. Please keep an eye on this thread for news.

i wonder where all the thailand musik is before there where all artist like palmy ,loso,bird, sek loso, please come back on spotify 

Missing music : 

Anouar Brahem : numerous album are missing Especially "the Sahar Journey" which is the most beautyful album he ever did ! 


*silently searches through Spotify with Sherlock hat and magnifying glass, looking for missing music and/or clues*

i cant seem to find the song "I'm Coming Home" by J. Cole. Help?

@critmaster Wasn't that recorded as a demo which then got leaked onto the internet? If it's never been published, it won't appear in the spotify catalogue.


There was one single, released by Martin Rolinski in 2013, called On The Run, and it's unavailable in Sweden (that's very ridiculous).
Could you tell me please, in which country it is available? I found this link from the Google Search cache -

We need more Foxes song on Spotify!!
So far she only has two songs but I want Let go For Tonight on Spotify

Two things:

It looks like every song from Aussie band Southern Son has been removed and being replaced by music from The Southern Sons of Colombia. Is this an error in the database?

It looks like most Death Angel albums are presented on Spotify but not their breakthrough (and best) abum "Act III". Anyone know why?

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