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New Releases in Metal genre section is missing updates

New Releases in Metal genre section is missing updates



I am from switzerland, and since a few month in the section "Metal" there are no new albums available. In all other Sections i find week per week the newest released Albums. You now why i found no new Metal-Albums, or where i can find the newest Releases?

Thanks an many greetings from switzerland.


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Just switch…. I switched more than a year ago because of this.

Any news?

I noticed this anomaly too. The problem manifests both in the Windows desktop app, as well as in any browser.


When looking at one of my most played genres - Metal - I'm only offered "main new releases", which consists of 2 rows of some mainstream bands. I can't continue scrolling because there's nothing more being offered.


This is exactly what happens when I use Spotify with a browser.

The following is a print from the desktop app:




However, when using a browser I can actually gather some useful information, such as URL's looking messed up when browsing certain genres.


Going into Rock, or Pop, or EDM-Dance, they all have a simple URL which is the following:





Opening up the Metal genre leads me to this broken URL:



By just trying the former mentioned URL format ( I was able to find actual new metal releases!



I have no idea how I'm supposed to translate this to the desktop app, but I guess that's Spotify's problem to handle.

I made a reply to a similar thread that can be found here:


No idea if Spotify is actually going to make it work with the desktop app, but at least I can find new metal releases now..


Would you please look at my reply and forward it to a developer or something?

I made a reply to another thread regarding this exact issue. You can find the link here:


I have provided screenshots as well as an explanation for a dumb workaround that only works on browsers. If I could implement the same workaround to the desktop app, all by myself, I would do that. Alas, I cannot.


Please, fix this!

Any update when we'll be getting this fixed? Does metalfans have to migrate to another streaming service to get to see new metal releases. 

It only shows ''Main new releases'' and they're a joke!

Well, Apple does it much better. Maybe it’s time to switch….

Sort it out...!! does work on web using this link.



Still same issue after months. How can this issue cant be solved. its annoying.

They don't care. It is that simple. Paying customers seem to not mean that much.


 I'm assuming this is what everyone is still getting, it's just playlists when all other genre's have different options



 this needs to be fixed ASAP, alot of metal fans are considering other platforms, myself included.

What I see


 what all the other genre's see




 absolute bull**** this has been going on for a year now looking at the dates of these posts, time to price up other platforms byyyyeeeee.

November 22 and it's still not fixed!! Another thread has identified the issue as a faulty URL. Surely a few minutes fix for the developers.


They wonder why people are cancelling subscriptions!!

2 years later and this issue is still not resolved!!!!

Hugely annoying - Spotify please sort this out

Although this opens up a Metal genre page there are no new releases listed

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