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Premium account and still gets ads in podcasts

Premium account and still gets ads in podcasts

I have a premium account and when I start some podcasts I get ads in my national language "Danish" but the Podcast is in English and after the ads that Spotify have put into the start of the podcast I also have to listen to about 1-1½ min of ads from the podcast company.
STOP this Spotify, I pay for not hearing ads and you still stuff them into the podcasts.






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Since when did it become standard to show ads in podcasts for those who pay for premium?? 

I feel disrespected.  I pay premium family to NOT having commercials while listening.  Doesn't matter if it's a song or a podcast, I pay for not getting interrupted. Please be reasonable,  otherwise I'll cancel it and encourage family and friends to do the same.  Shame on you Spotify.

Exactly, it's false advertising claiming to offer a service for money that removes ads and then take your money and still make you listen to ads. Ridiculous. Ridiculous to claim they have no control over this too. 

its false advertising indeed but it seems all we can do is unsubscribe and go elsewhere. they have many competitors. i unsubbed and im happy i did.

Definitely, this and the fact you can no longer even stop Spotify from playing songs/podcasts you don't like are the reasons I'll be unsubbing. It's a shame because there are a lot of good features I enjoy they just don't offer good value when you have to listen to rubbish like ads and bands you don't enjoy. 

I know this topic is already a thing, but that Spotify hasn't done anything is just trashy. 


You pay your subscription and ha e the promise that you won't need to hear any ads anymore. There you go - ads during your podcasts. Not only "extra tracks", but ads embedded in those podcasts, but not by the uploader. 

Regarding that they can act quick when it comes to raising the price, that's just on another level of being corporate sh**heads. 

I hate this pathetic platform for a while now, but this is giving it the rest. Pushing it over the edge you might say, something I'd like to do with the people who lead Spotify. Pushing them off their own roof or something. Human filth.


Will Spotify ever do anything about or do they want to lose customers to illegal and free alternatives? 


What Spotify is doing is wrong and disrespectful to the customers. We pay premium fees NOT to listen to ads. If Spotify doesnt share their profit with podcast creators its not customer's problem. If your profit is not enough to fairly compensate content creators (which i doubt), than consider increasing premium fees, but don't just allow to insert annoying ads. Hope this will be resolved soon, otherwise i will be looking for an alternative app.

i just unsubbed, its all we can do. about podcasters not being paid enough, joe rogan had a 100 million dollar deal from spotify. not enough? and yet his podcast had so many ads it was just not worth listening to…massively intrusive, minutes long ads of him droning on tediously for minutes about underwear or recruitment agents or whatever. i had to give up totally by about 20 minutes into the elon musk podcast. no, its both the greed of spotify and also the greed of certain podcasters.

Ok, seems like you need to change the app name from Spotify to Swindle.

Lost my trust on it.

I am Premium subscriber for 6 years and this will be my last month on this app.

And now, after making the wonderful Heavyweight podcast “Spotify exclusive” and killing off its audience from other platforms, they have cancelled it.

Yeah it's **bleep**. I don't want ads either! Waste of time listening to the annoying ads. I think I'll cancel my membership. Granted I tend you always listen to podcasts, Rarely music. Does anyone know of a a platform that is ACTUALLY AD free? Listening to podcasts? Please share. My family, close friends, and I are ready to cancel, and find a new podcast home. Thanks in advance. I'll spread the word in social media.


Oh they have control. Their just on there knees, serving the podcasters. I want to be facing them on their knees.

Yeah, they embed the ADS in the podcast so they can point there fingers at podcasters and say "it's not us" "Its them"...later swindle. Please reply ACTUAL AD FREE platforms that has good podcasts

Spotify gives the podcast hosts the option to choose if they would like to have a dynamic ad "slot in their podcast, but that isn't something Spotify can control - it's up to the individual podcast owners if they choose to have that type of ad in their content" ....... Swindle could simply stop running ads for customers aka "Premium" subscribers. They just don't cause you'll loose money and podcasts Host. At least be honest about it. Dishonesty is not professional. Anyone have a great alternative for actual AD free platforms? Please reply. Thanks. Later swindle.


I'll help spread the word. 

Exactly. I was listening to the casefile podcast and he has dynamic ads for sure because they are time related (black friday and now Christmas) ads. It's so gross that they're straight up lying about not being able to prevent ads in podcasts. 


My Question or Issue

why does podcast have ads like Dateline is this normal ?






I just got my first ad, wth Spotify? I am paying to not have ads. It's that simple. Keep this bs up and I'm gone.

Yeah, I left the Spotify platform. Don't miss it. Plenty of good podcast apps out there for free.

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