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Spotify’s inconsistency in launching new features

Spotify’s inconsistency in launching new features

I just don’t get it… Especially on iOS, the new features Spotify launches are so inconsistent from person to person. Some people I know will get the Eat my Playlist or AI Playlist features, and some people like myself, never will. Then on another hand, I’ll get the horrible smart shuffle option, one of the worst features Spotify has ever added imo, considering it adds another 30 seconds to switch from shuffle to no shuffle thanks to how long it takes to load/unload, and my friends will never get it. 

Why is there no consistency in who gets what features? As a premium user I should be getting everything, as I pay for the platform, or an option of getting these beta or whatnot features.


It genuinely infuriates me knowing there’s useful or actually fun features like a friends tab on mobile or an AI Playlist maker and I’m stuck with **bleep** Smart Shuffle (bane of my existence). 


So my question is why? Why is it so inconsistent? Am I missing something?






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Premium, USA, Iphone 13 pro, ios 10

I want to play the eat my playlist game. I don't know why some people have it and some don't but part of the reason i bought premium is because I thought it was a feature people could actually use. I've seen many other people talk about this, please give EVERYONE access to it or let me know how to find the option because the 3 dots in a playlist don't make it show up. 




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