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"Couldn't load the lyrics for this song" error

"Couldn't load the lyrics for this song" error

As of version and the version prior to that has caused the lyrics from my personal playlist in my device 'Samsung-SMJ250F' to disappear, at first I thought it was brcause the songs were old but way older songs still had lyrics
The playlist is a private playlist featuring all songs of 'DragonForce'
and after the update none of the songs had lyrics.

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I'm using spotify web currently and have reinstalled the app on IOS. And the help section hasn't helped me at all, there aren't any ongoing issues about it, nor solved. And looking into past community questions and FAQ's, this has already been a problem. I'm sure the community would love it if the devs and staff look into this!

Hey I just wanted to point out my lyrics won’t load for any song and I was wondering if this is happening to anyone else I would for this to be fixed to me and my friend can have rock outs and karaoke party’s to music again.

it is happening on my all devices inculiding smart phones and windows.

i guess since early december it keeps happening.

some of the songs use to have lyrics even after the situation but some of them keep disappearing over time.


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Essentially, for the last maybe year-or-so, the lyric tab on my Spotify (iPhone) has been coming up with “couldn’t load the lyrics for this song” for a large majority of music that I listen to. Some songs have lyrics and some don’t - and the weirdest part is, some songs that said “couldn’t load the lyrics” now have lyrics, and it goes on and off. I have really good internet connection and some lyrics still load, so I know it’s not a problem related to my connection. Does anyone know how I can fix this issue?

I can barely see the lyrics of any song. Please see if you can do anything. 

My phone is a Android. 

Did you ever find a solution to this problem? I swear by each update there are more songs dissapearing and honestly getting kinda annoying. Like yesterday there were lyrics to sweet venom and today suddenly they can't load em.

This is a problem that has been occuring from 2023 and still hasn't been fixed.
Most spotify songs lyrics are no longer appearing for free and premium users. messages such as "Looks like we don't have the lyrics for this song",
"You caught us, we're still working on getting lyrics for this one" or "You'll have to guess the lyrics for this one" appear instead. Now all of the songs that have this issue, the lyrics for them are available on music musixmatch where spotify gets there lyrics from. But why are they not on appearing on dekstop website, dekstop app, or my android phone? idk?
No songs have came back since the first time that this problem occured. More songs are dissaperaing.

Yeah ikr🤔

Se actualizo mi spotify pero ya no me aparece el "microfono" para ver las letras de las canciones :((

the problem is not bcz of the song itself there is lyrics of it in spotify but simply dont showup to me with a message of ;hmm we dont know the ;yrics of this song ,

Most of the songs don't have lyrics which is weird because recently released songs have lyrics but if the song is like few months or older the lyrics don't show up.

The problem started when the payment was updated

yes! This, this is also the problem I've been having basically 😭 please I want my lyrics back!

Some of My Favourites songs used to have lyrics but it's got no lyrics and this is unbelievable because its been over 1 year now! 


i need song lyrics for one more song please









Operating System

Windows 11 Pro


My Question or Issue

I tried putting lyrics on Spotify on my PC (using the installed app) and they don't work. A message appears saying that they don't know the lyrics of that song. I tried different songs but the same result. I also used the online player but appears the same. I also tried using another Windows device but the lyrics don't work.


Can you help me?


Thank you!



Yeah I got this issue since last year and it's frrrrreaking annoying like where the heck are the gahdamn lyrics!? how the most popular songs lost their lyrics? they are just lyrics!

I finally found a solution to this problem guys. U have to to download the
app Musixmatch. Then turn on floating lyrics. Now everytime you turn on
music, the lyrics will appear in pop-up mode.

For some time now every lyric of every song i listen to is not showing. I already tried everything: clearing cache, loging out and in, deleting the app. And still, the lyrics don’t show up

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