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Allow spotify in router

Allow spotify in router



I would like to setup my router in a way that it only allows spotify during certain times for all my devices.

(Windows PC, Android tablet, OSMC Kodi)

Personally I only use the applications and not the website.


All other network traffic should be blocked. Looking in the settings of my modem I think this should be possible. There are some network applications specified in the modem. Unfortunately Spotify is none of them but it allows me to create a network application in the modem.



I have a modem (FritzBox) that has a lot of options:

- White-/blacklist sites.

- Open/close ports (TCP/UDP/ESP/GRE/ICMP)


Can you help with the settings that could be use to allow (and block if used the other way around) spotify?


In any case many thanks for your help!



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Hello  @1130022810,


Welcome to Spotify Community.

If you can add the application manually, here are the parameters that you should have in mind:


  • Ports: 443 4070 80
  • Protocol: TCP

Please note that Spotify Connect is not going to work this way, due to the randomness of the port it's working on.

If you run into problems, let me know 🙂


Have the same issue and opened the port you mentioned, noting changes

I have a Clint ODIN speaker which can't connect

What are your suggestions?


Many thanks

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