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Recent linux client update changes

Recent linux client update changes

Hi there!


We have a quick update for Linux users. 


We recently updated the signing key for Linux client upgrades. Linux users on recent version shouldn't notice anything--but users on older versions will need to manually add the new key.

Adding the key is as easy as performing step 1 described at

At that link you can find a build of Spotify for Linux. We are running this ourselves and we will try to make sure it keeps pace with its Mac and Windows siblings. However, this version is unsupported. You can tell us what you think and ask other users for help at The Spotify Community.


Spotify for Linux is released as a Debian package. Our aim is that it should work with the latest Long Term Support release of Ubuntu, but we will try to make it work for other releases of Ubuntu and Debian as well.

57 Replies

Do you actually use this piece of rubbish? I cannot see how anyone can use either the browser UI or the Windows UI. They are hopelessly large icon displays with no 'View' options or album organisation into folders/files etc. Or am I too old?

I do believe that you're too old then 🙂

The client works perfectly for me. I would think that the big icons are a design choice made to be able to see the covers of the songs played.

Works great here! Keep up the good work and thanks for remembering us Linux OS users!

darn it - I am too old! I suspected Alzheimer's - old age I can live with 🙂

But my point was that although the interface is good for touch screen users
it is not very good for mouse and keyboard only users.

Sorry if I wasn't clear in my comment.

Thanks for replying. You have made a retired (and aged) Windows developer
very happy 🙂

Bye xxx

I'm also using the Spotify client on Linux Mint, and have done for years. I think I see what you mean about the size of the album icons in album view, and the lack of display options. But I had to go looking for it to see what you were on about, because it never occurred to me that it was a problem! Maybe I use it differently from you. But yeah, I think having some options there would be useful, like having 3 or 4 different icon sizes plus a list view.


Anyway, I would also like to add my appreciation for this client on Linux. It's even been added to the Mint Software Manager (as of Mint 18.3) to make what was already an easy installation process into something even easier!


Keep up the good work, folks!


I really appreciate you maintaining this client. Thanks alot!

Thanks for maintaining the client on linux, even if it's not perfect, this is one of the biggest reason I decided to go with spotify and not another steaming service.

Keep the good work.

Thanks again for keeping this update and active. I use spotify on linux all the time!!

1. Finally get convinced from my Windows admin son to look at what Spotify has to offer.

2. Find family premium, no commercials, insanely huge music library, playlist creation, and now Linux client!

3. Cancel Pandora subscription.


I feel like I've been living under a rock.  I've been hoarding a local music collection and using subsonic to serve it out.  No more.  Why would anyone use anything but Spotify for their music?  It hits every checkmark I can think of.


This was supposed to be a thanks for the Linux client.  As a 30-year Unix admin, you have no idea how much that means.  Please keep up the great work, and THANK YOU!

We really had no choice in Australia to not use Spotify. Pandora pulled their streaming services over here!


By the way just installed the Linux client under Mint last night and it works well.

The Linux desktop client is one of the biggest reasons why I use Spotify and have a premium subscription.


Thanks for supporting us! 🙂


I hope someday we will get back "hide to tray when minimized" option. I am working on Kubuntu and there's no way for KDE to minimize Spotify to tray.


Thanks for the update, keep up the good work! 🙂

Thanks for supporting us!! I wouldn't be using Spotify, if it were not be a linux version available. I can't stand with widows or Mac...

Wanted to say my thanks too for the Linux client! Been using it since its release. Also keeps me from getting lured by other streaming services 😉

you can try use kdocker

Recently libcurl3, used by the spotify-client, was replaced with libcurl4 which is incompatible. It is impossible to upgrade to libcurl4 without removing spotify client.


The change in libcurl is described in the changelog below; is there  any plan to rebuild the spotify-client with libcurl4 soon, so that one can upgrade all the other packages held back because they need libcurl4?


curl (7.60.0-2) unstable; urgency=medium

  [ Steve Langasek ]
  * Build-depend on libssl-dev instead of libssl1.0-dev.
  * Rename libcurl3 to libcurl4, because libcurl exposes an SSL_CTX via
    CURLOPT_SSL_CTX_FUNCTION, and this object changes incompatibly between
    openssl 1.0 and openssl 1.1.
  * debian/patches/03_keep_symbols_compat.patch: drop, since we are no longer
    claiming compatibility.
  * debian/patches/90_gnutls.patch: Retain symbol versioning compatibility for
    non-OpenSSL builds.  Closes: #858398.
  * Adjust libssl1.1 vs libssl1.0 Suggests/Conflicts; thanks, Adrian Bunk

 -- Alessandro Ghedini <*snip*>  Wed, 23 May 2018 20:25:39 +0100

Spotify on Linux works great! Keep up the good work, I congratulate you.

Clean installed Ubuntu 18.04LTS and reinstalled from the Spotify repo. Spotify is having issues with sound control and device discovery.

Will try again with snap version and then again with Fedora or back to 17.10.

FWIW Spotify Linux client is the pick of the bunch.


FWIW Spotify Linux client is the pick of the bunch.

Agreed, but the problem is for 32-bit linux only (i.e. i386 architecture) there is no updated version of the 32 bit linux client built with the new libcurl4. This means libcurl4 can't be installed without removing spotify-client.


Lack of libcurl4 is blocking about 300 packages so far from getting upgraded.

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