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Reinstallation instructions for Ubuntu please

Reinstallation instructions for Ubuntu please
this doesn't contain any clues on how to completely reinstall spotify on linux (Ubuntu) distro.
Can you update the doc?

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The info is right here:

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The Linux client is unsupported so the info probably won't be added to the support page. Spotify support refers to this community forum for Linux help.


The equivalent instructions are something like this:


1. Quit Spotify


2. Uninstall

sudo apt-get remove spotify-client


3. Remove old config and cache

cd $HOME/.config

rm -r spotify

cd $HOME/.cache

rm -r spotify


4. Reinstall by following instructions on


wouldn't apt-get purge handle all of this?

It would not. Maybe it is possible to add something to the debian packaging so that it deletes state from your home directory on purge, but I don't want to do that. I also can't find any other package that does this. For instance Google chrome doesn't remove its config and cache from the users home directory.


@jooon : that's because chrome never really cared about other standards (see semantic versioning and how every minor tweak becomes new chrome major version) and never really cared about space (see how chrome eats a lot of RAM not caring about system needs). Also they like to keep people attached to their services and look smart "hey I had chrome two years ago and I don't have to set up everything from scratch now".


If you look into all well-preparesd debian packages (apache2 webservice , mysql database server to name a few) the purge option actually DOES remove the configs how it should according to manual. Whic says:

purge is identical to remove except that packages are removed and purged (any configuration files are deleted too).


Conclusion: purge should remove configs.

The case for this thread was that after upgraded my OS to LTS Release, Spotify client stopped playing my tracks at all.
I did remove the HOME located files and it helped, but purge should take care of this. 

I know about apache and mysql and many others that do remove process written state, like databases in the global (as in only one per machine) directory /var/lib, and package written config, like files in /etc/. I do not know about about any package that removes process written state like cache and config from a user's home directory, meaning config/cache from all user's home directories on the machine.


If I can see a good example, I will follow it, otherwise I will leave it.




Ah, true that. user files (HOME ones) are not removed on purge - ever, indeed only config ones (/etc). 
Considering above solves the problem of uninstall - delete - reinstall process Feel free to add this to WIKI once you make Linux client out of beta 😉

Please specify in the instructions that these apply to the deb package. If you installed the snap none of them work.

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