Can't play current track - ERROR


Can't play current track - ERROR


Hi there,


Since a few days spotify won't play some of the tracks in my playlists at my Macbook. The same songs will play at my iPhone. Macbook and iPhone are connected with the same WIFI-network. 


I have Spotify Premium and even when I disable 'Stream High Quality', the same error keeps coming.


Does somebody have the solution? I'm a dutch user by the way...


Kind regards,



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Hello @lennartspotifyand welcome to Spotify Community!


Just a quick heads up, the issue is currently "Under Investigation".

If you could confirm here the following we can keep investigating:
1. Your device.
2. Your device's operating system.
3. The exact Spotify version installed (check About Spotify)
4. Are the tracks you're playing local files?

Thank you!


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This is getting old, Spotify. I pay you guys to get the music to me. I have had this problem on multiple devices. FIX IT.