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Crashing on startup/search issues


Crashing on startup/search issues

Hi all,


A number of users are experiencing some Spotify issues at the moment - crashing on startup, search not working, etc.


Could you help us out by posting the following info:


-- Operating system(s) affected

-- Version of Spotify

-- Country


Thanks everyone. The more accurate info we can collect the faster we can get this fixed.


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Windows 7 Home Premium

Intel 4770K

16 GB ram

MSI Z87-GD65 GAMING motherboard with onboard audio

MSI 780 lightning


Version of Spotify


Country: Sweden



I have had the problem for a couple of months now.

Recently when Spotify were updated with the new look and functions, the problem totally disappeared for about two weeks.

Unfortunately now its back again, bigger and badder.

The program shuts down within a minute whether you start playing a song or just let it idle.


I have come to that point were I consider cancel my Spotify premium service.

Not only do I have this problem on my computer (meaning I cant use it what so ever)

I also have the problem on my android-phone that offline-lists on my SD-card keeps disappeare.

Some days I cant even start Spotify on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2, because its says that it cant find the SD-card.


So dear Spotify.

Please don´t "force" me to cancel my premium service and say "Thank you for the music" for good.


Windows 8.1

Spotify current version



Crashing on startup. Happened for periods before. Upgrade and clean install had no effect.

I also have the crash on startup. I re-installed spotify two days ago because of this issue. It fixed the problem, but only for a while, now it is happening again. This is very annoying. I am not gonna re-install spotify every two days because of this issue...


ps: I tried disconnecting all my devices, but it didn't solve the problem

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I ended up finding a solution on this thread!


On windows7, it consisted in deleting the cache folder:



Then spotify started, and stayed open!


My copy of Spotify would crash when I would attempt to open it and this solution fixed the issue.

Additional Information:
Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB
Windows 8.1
Spotify Version
United States

Spotify app will not open up at all


Operating system: Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.2

Spotify Version: Whatever version is on the website as of right now

Country: United States

Spotify crashes on startup for me.


Windows 8.1 64 bit

Spotify Version



I already tried deleting all the Spotify folders in the userdata folder and resinstalling without success.


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Try downloading the new version that was just announced


You may notice a few features are missing in the new version and Spotify hopes to bring some of those back in a future update.


Does it work for you?

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No, the beta version ( still does not work properly. Still crashes at startup. This is after completely uninstalling the previous version.

I FIXED IT - Make spotify stop loading your local librarys, e.g itunes, my librarry is large so it crashed it

I just had this exact issue.  I'm using a Surface Pro 3, i5 processor, windows 10 completely up to date as of 10/28/15 and running the latest spotify version as of that date also.  I found that upon uninstalling Spotify, I couldn't delete the cache folder.  It said it was corrupt or unreadable.  I tried reinstalling Spotify several times and it failed to fix the issue.  I ended up doing the following.


Run a chkdsk command on the volume that the spotify cache is located in, and use \f to fix it.  (If you don't know how to do this, google search chkdsk)


After running and receiving a windows prompt that the drive is fixed, I was able to delete the cache folder.


After deleting the cache folder, I reinstalled Spotify and THEN it finally worked again.


Not sure if this is something that Spotify needs to look into, but I had chosen a new cache location instead of the default one that Spotify used.  Perhaps updating spotify makes it check for a cache in a different location, which causes an error and makes the other folder unreadable and causes this issue.  I hope this helps some people!  



I've had this problem for several months. It shuts down after about 1 minute. I will cancel my premium account if I dont get help asap.

Device: iphone 5s
Country: Norway

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