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Desktop Update - Version 1.0.1.

Desktop Update - Version 1.0.1.

Hello everyone. Spotify here.


I’m tempted to use a TL;DR version but there isn’t a short version to this story. So fasten your seat belts because there is a lot to cover. I'll try to answer some of the burning questions one by one. 


Recently we started rolling out the new version of the Spotify desktop app. We wanted to take a minute to address some of the feedback we’ve seen so far. It’s important to point out that this app is a complete rewrite of the desktop app. If you’re wondering, “Why did Spotify bother to rewrite their desktop app and make all these changes?” one of the main reasons was simple: To improve our ability to build new features faster.


Missing Features


Many of you have brought us feedback around our updated Friend Feed and the integrated Lyrics feature. You’ve also noticed some features are missing (e.g. apps and searching within playlists). Some of these features like search inside playlists, new song indicator, and the Devices tab are features that we plan on adding back in an upcoming release.


We’re also collecting feedback on features such as cache location, profile pictures in the Friend Feed, and lyrics in the side panel so keep adding your comments and votes.


Regarding Spotify not minimizing to the tray on Windows when you press the “close” button, we made this change deliberately based on feedback from our Community. However, we’re constantly passing feedback to our development teams so please post here if you disagree.


Friend Feed


One of the key features that changed was the right hand Friend Feed. Some of you noticed this “disappeared” for a while then came back with a UI overhaul. The key reason this disappeared for a while was because we were rebuilding it. The previous feed had the nasty trait of freezing from time to time, on top of not providing listening context. We’re taking in feedback about the UI changes over here and here.


Top Lists upgraded to Charts


Some of you may have been wondering where Top Lists have gone. The good news is we’ve upgraded them to Charts. These Charts will be updated daily and split between Top 50 and Viral 50, both globally and in your region. You can easily see how tracks are performing with new track and up/down indicators, alongside daily play counts.

Apps/App Finder


Finally there is the removal of the Spotify apps that we announced in October. We’re happy to highlight that several of our partners have already launched new Spotify integrations and we were able to make the lyrics app by Musixmatch an integrated part of the Spotify desktop app. You can find more info in our update in this thread.




This new desktop app enables us to move to a technology that we believe will let us to ship improvements and features better than before. We’re aware that everything did not make it into this first release, but we’re working hard to add other popular features back.


If you’re finding issues with the app not related to missing or changed features, please contact our support teams, as we’re eager to get them looked into. We’re currently rolling out the next update for desktop and we’ll continue to give you more info on these as the updates continue.


Thanks to those that made it through our TL;DR post. Keep the feedback coming.

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