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Revert back to Spotify 0.8.5 on Mac


Revert back to Spotify 0.8.5 on Mac

UPDATE 3/14/15: This solution works for reverting to ANY previous version of Spotify. Just replace the application with the desired version, 0.8.5 or otherwise. I have successfully used this trick to revert to and Also, APPS continue to work in these previous version. Attached is a screenshot of artist pages, clean, simple, cohesive, text a bit small, and SEARCH function still in tact. also runs MUCH faster on my Windows and Mac machines. 


The "Horrible update [0.8.8]" thread has begun to bury the work arounds for those of us NOT happy with the 0.8.8 update. Here is a guide to reverting to 0.8.5 for Mac. Spotify support has NOT provided a way for us to do this, despite my many attempts.  Hopefully it will help some people who visit the forum.


If you already have upgraded to 0.8.8: (if you haven't upgraded already, start with step #3)


  1. Find and download a copy of 0.8.5 here
  2. Mount the image and replace the application in your Applications folder with the downloaded one
  3. Now to make sure Spotify doesn't auto-update:
  4. Go to your ~/Library folder - you can do this in Finder by doing shift+cmd+g and typing "~/Library" without the quotes and hitting enter
  5. Go to Application Support/Spotify
  6. Delete Spotify_new.archive and Spotify_new.archive.sig (if they are there)
  7. Now open your favorite text editor, I used TextWrangler
  8. Make two blank documents and save them as "Spotify_new.archive" and "Spotify_new.archive.sig" - without the quotes, the same file names as the ones you deleted
  9. Right click each file and go to "Get Info"
  10. Check the "Locked" button on each and close the info window
  11. You should now see a small lock icon on each file
  12. Restart Spotify and enjoy 0.8.5 without auto updates to 0.8.8

Let me know if you have any problems! This has worked for me on OS X 10.8.2. Thanks to th80 for the help on this!


Removed link, not allowed to post links to download packages outside spotify site. hpguru


(Possible security risk removed by Rock Star)

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 12.10.09 PM.png

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Done all the steps, even download the older older version... locked the new files... didnt logged in until i had created those files... but after some min i got the update message.

Still i think my problem is that i have no idea why theres no Spotify file on my Library, and since Im creating this files and the new empty ones... theres no recognition, therefore the update is not being stopped.

Anyone has the same problem?


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You certainly can NOT save it "anywhere"--that's the whole point.  This might help you follow the instructions.  It was in a past about three back in this thread:


Good luck!

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I'm not sure if this method was mentioned but I replaced the Spotify app in Mac HD/Applications with an older version and locked it. When you reopen Spotify, it seems to download the latest version and save it to a new location, in my case Users/Username/Applications. I've now deleted the app from this location and locked this folder (which is otherwise empty) to prevent Spotify from downloading the latest version to it. It seems to be working, and I still have the old apps etc. 

Not sure if I explained this clearly, or whether this will work permanently but seems to be doing the trick now. When I reopen Spotify I get a message saying Spotify is trying to make changes .. click cancel and the old Spotify opens again.

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By not creating the dummy files and locking them you are still allowing Spotify to attempt to update in the background. That's why you're getting the message. So sure... it sort of works. But if you'd like to have a better fix without having to click for Spotify not to upgrade everytime you restart it - you should use the method described in the original post.


Not sure why people are still having trouble with this...

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holy cow! it works! after being frustrated the past 2 days and having to keep uninstalling and reinstalling the problem is fixed! thnx for the help! 

Brilliant, thanks a lot.

Thanks for posting this, I am sure a lot of people will be very happy!

For community members on OS X 10.5 only, there is also a support post here about getting Spotify to work. If you are having issues on 10.5, please post in that topic so it is easier to keep track 😉 



Spotify Community Mentor and Troubleshooter

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If this post was helpful, please add kudos below!

I tried this, and it worked for the older version, but the reinstall option is still at the top of spotify? Is it supposed to be there. Maybe I used a text editor that did not work? I used 'text edit' that comes with mac.

Spotify_new.archive and Spotify_new.archive.sig keep coming back when I reopen spotify, and the ones I added are there also. The one's I made say they are RTF files.

What file type should I be saving these as? Web Archive?

Okay so I used the program that you recommended, TextWrangler and it worked. So Mac users, it will not work if you use Text Edit.

Yeah, TextEdit will default to a text encoding (even if you change the extension). TextWrangler is a much better option all around. Glad it worked for you!

Also, Spotify finally got back to me about reverting... and they will NOT be supporting any reversions for paying customers. This is an absurd and insulting stance for company to its paying customers. And have essentially told us all "you're out of luck.... good luck on your own!" So it looks like we're stuck with our own work arounds... until they "fix" 0.8.8. Here is the reply:


There's currently no official legacy version of Spotify to use, as the official download from will automatically get the latest version but if you Google "0.8.5 Spotify" you'll find some links to the older version easy enough.

Note: if you use any of those links, they might not be secure or virus-free so use at your discretion.

Adam Watts

Spotify Customer Services


Thank you very much for this solution. I almost feared I was stuck with the terrible new version.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you, I am back using 0.8.5 and will not upgrade until I'm absolutely forced to. What a shame... who is the new hairbrained manager now in charge of the desktop strategy?

Thanks for posting this. It seems to work fine and such a relief to get back to a version that works.

I registered simply to say THANK YOU! 

You're a star mvelinder !


Many thanks for that !!

Thanks heaps for this. Easy clear instructions that even a numpty like me could follow.

mvelinder, you're a SAINT!  Thank you SO much for your reply, I have an old MAC and I followed your instructions (with the update to use TextWrangler, not TextEdit b/c it doesn't work) and I can now successfully use my PREMIUM Spotify account on my computer again.


Alternative method:


Assuming Spotify is installed, close it, open a terminal window and run this:


curl -OL && tar -xf ./spotify-autoupdate-  -C /Applications/ && mv ./spotify-autoupdate- ~/.Trash/ && cat /dev/null  > ~/Library/'Application Support'/Spotify/Spotify_new.archive.sig && cat /dev/null > ~/Library/'Application Support'/Spotify/Spotify_new.archive &&  chflags uchg ~/Library/'Application Support'/Spotify/Spotify_new.archive.sig && chflags uchg ~/Library/'Application Support'/Spotify/Spotify_new.archive && open /Applications/

or simply download this and open the file inside it:

(Link removed by Rock Star for security)


mvelinder, I might not even know your real name, but I want you to know that I love you more than I love chocolate. THANK YOU!! 

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