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[BUG] Spotify Home Page no loading

[BUG] Spotify Home Page no loading






Windows Desktop App

Operating System

Windows 11 Pro


My Question or Issue

I'm using Spotify version on Windows 11 Pro (the app provided from the Microsoft Store).


I'm finding that when I wake my PC from Sleep mode, the Spotify Home page doesn't just shows grey boxes with the loading animation.  If I close the app and re-launch it, then the Home page loads just fine.  Even though the Home page doesn't load, Spotify will continue to play music no problem.


The app is indeed on-line (and my PC is connected to the internet; web sites are loading no problem).  Any ideas?  I've only run into this issue starting in the past few weeks, perhaps a bug?

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Samsung Tablet A7

Operating System

Android 12


My Question or Issue

My spotify doesn't load on launch sometimes(ALOT) and I hate that I have to keep reopening the app just to get it to load. I've tried everything like reinstalling the app, Cleaning data, Restarting my device and nothing works.




Windows 11 Pro, Spotify for Windows (64 bit)


For me the log file seems to be \Users\my_username\Documents\spotify.log (as it says on the command line) and not in ...\AppData\...

I started Spotify from CMD, put the machine to sleep and woke it up. Search was broken already.
Log file does show some errors but a good log file usually has some.

Would you want the logs posted here (I'm a bit hesitant to publish anything from my work computer) or emailed somewhere (which isn't safe either but not so public)? I keep my Windows 11 work computer on but it goes to sleep some time after I leave work so this issue pops up just about every day.

(Also, your recaptcha was not happy with my bicycle recognizing skills)

Antti W

Screenshot 2024-02-14 115956.png

If the app (Spotify for Windows 64 bit is running when I put windows to sleep, the main windows shows gray shaded boxes where album art and text should be displayed. Looks like when you start the player without network connection, but no offline message and I can still play music. The shaded gray boxes disappear only after an app restart.

Yep same after the latest update. 


Windows 11 23H2. Clearing the cache and temp files fixes the issue for a short time before it builds up again. 



After a full reinstallation of the Spotify App the problem persists.



In my log file (spanning a few days) the text "error" appears in places like this:

16:43:43.021 I [/f:245                          ] aq: on GoOffline[Offline] -> [Offline]
16:43:43.021 E [/f:221                          ] aq: OnError reason: 3, error:User requested disconnect
16:43:43.021 I [/f:245                          ] aq: Disconnected
16:43:43.021 I [/f:245                          ] aq: on GoOnline[Offline] -> [Online]
16:43:43.066 E [/f:71                           ] no element found at line 1, column 0


16:43:43.213 I [/f:245                          ] aq: LWS got LWS_CALLBACK_CLIENT_CONNECTION_ERROR
16:43:43.213 I [/f:245                          ] aq: LWS got LWS__unknown__
16:43:43.213 I [/f:245                          ] aq: LWS got LWS_CALLBACK_CLOSED_CLIENT_HTTP
16:43:43.213 I [/f:245                          ] aq: LWS got LWS_CALLBACK_WSI_DESTROY
16:43:43.213 I [/f:245                          ] aq: on OnNetError[Connecting] -> [Idle]
16:43:43.213 I [/f:245                          ] aq: LWS got LWS_CALLBACK_PROTOCOL_DESTROY
16:43:43.214 I [/f:245                          ] aq: on OnConnectionError[Online] -> [Offline]
16:43:43.214 I [/f:245                          ] aq: Will reconnect in 500ms


16:43:44.514 5 [/f:390                          ] [spotify:playlist:37i9dQZF1EYkqdzj48dyYq] 'GET' request complete
16:43:44.514 3 [/f:901                          ] [spotify:playlist:37i9dQZF1EYkqdzj48dyYq]  synchronization error: Error category: http, code 404 (404 - not found)
16:43:44.514 3 [/f:940                          ] [spotify:playlist:37i9dQZF1EYkqdzj48dyYq]   - list does not exist.


17:11:56.034 I [/f:245                          ] aq: LWS got LWS__unknown__
17:11:56.034 I [/f:245                          ] aq: LWS got LWS_CALLBACK_CLIENT_CLOSED
17:11:56.034 I [/f:245                          ] aq: LWS got LWS_CALLBACK_WSI_DESTROY
17:11:56.034 I [/f:245                          ] aq: on OnNetError[Connected] -> [Idle]
17:11:56.034 I [/f:245                          ] aq: LWS got LWS_CALLBACK_PROTOCOL_DESTROY
17:11:56.035 E [/f:221                          ] aq: OnError reason: 1, error:Connection closed by peer
17:11:56.035 I [/f:245                          ] aq: on OnConnectionError[Online] -> [Offline]
17:11:56.035 I [/f:245                          ] aq: Will reconnect in 500ms
17:11:56.057 E [/connect:458                    ] ConnectConnectivityListener: received empty connection_id

17:11:56.057 D [/connect:951                    ] Connection lost


(At some point I think the machine entered sleep and that caused all kinds of failures which I am skipping here)


13:58:01.935 E [/f:437                          ] AP Socket Error: Connection closed by peer (10053)
13:58:01.935 E [/f:758                          ] Connection error: ap_socket_reset
13:58:02.072 I [/f:504                          ] Connecting to AP
13:58:02.165 I [/f:59                           ] Resolved to
13:58:02.203 I [/f:137                          ] Connected to AP:
13:58:02.317 I [/f:309                          ] AP login welcome, len 198
13:58:02.317 I [/f:987                          ] Logging connection info message, current ap:
13:58:02.318 I [/f:340                          ] AP login complete, len 0


08:02:22.752 I [/f:180                          ] Login5OAuthClient::Impl::loadTokenFromNetwork: Got Login5 reply.
08:02:22.752 I [/f:217                          ] Login5OAuthClient: Failed authenticating: login5_http_transport_error



09:20:47.980 5 [/f:390                          ] [spotify:playlist:37i9dQZF1DWVN3C8NqiQOR] 'GET' request complete
09:20:47.980 3 [/f:901                          ] [spotify:playlist:37i9dQZF1DWVN3C8NqiQOR]  synchronization error: Error category: http, code 11 (forced offline)
09:20:47.980 3 [/f:926                          ] [spotify:playlist:37i9dQZF1DWVN3C8NqiQOR]   - transient error, retrying.
09:20:47.980 5 [/f:390                          ] [spotify:playlist:37i9dQZF1EYkqdzj48dyYq] 'GET' request complete
09:20:47.980 3 [/f:901                          ] [spotify:playlist:37i9dQZF1EYkqdzj48dyYq]  synchronization error: Error category: http, code 11 (forced offline)
09:20:47.980 3 [/f:926                          ] [spotify:playlist:37i9dQZF1EYkqdzj48dyYq]   - transient error, retrying.
09:20:47.980 I [/f:180                          ] Login5OAuthClient::Impl::loadTokenFromNetwork: Got Login5 reply.
09:20:47.980 I [/f:217                          ] Login5OAuthClient: Failed authenticating: login5_http_transport_error
09:20:48.488 I [/f:1527                         ] No product state was retrieved, unable to update


Hi there @miquelfa,


Thanks for your reply and for trying out our recommendations. 


Try enabling/disabling Hardware acceleration from the Spotify app settings. If that doesn't help, then again from Settings > Proxy settings, change from Autodetect settings to No proxy or vice versa. 


If the issue persists, it's a good idea to also have a look at your hosts file for Spotify entries. This article explains how you can do that.


Lastly, would you mind sending us a video recording of this behavior? You can attach it in your next reply in mp4 format, or you can also upload it to YouTube or Google Drive and make it public, so we can visualize it.


We'll keep an eye out for your reply!

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Ok, strange one. So I tried hot-spotting to my phone (wireless) over 4G and after several tracks playing, putting to sleep and repeating the steps a few times, no more home page issues. 

I then tried connecting my PC to the same home network but wireless instead of ethernet and again, no more issues. So for me atleast, it seems to be related to a wired connection. 


To add, this is happening on two different computers, wired into the same network. I also have a work laptop (wired) that I tried some time ago on the same network and that was fine. 

Will do some more extensive testing tomorrow. I think it could be some adaptor settings on device manager I need to play with but doesn't explain why these issues have just cropped up.



Spotify is not able to load after using it for a while or when I put my lock my macbook. I have to close and reopen the app every time i lock my computer. I'm not able to search or load any specific playlist, the homepage also doesn't load. It's not my connection, since it worked fine before...

Yeah this is really annoying! Also experiencing this on a mac with an apple chip. 

Hello Susan,


HW acceleration disabled and No proxy selected, but still experiencing same issue. Hosts file does not have any entrie in regds to Sporify or Fastly. Need to take a recording.





Could not get a video, but adds very little value since it's just a static view. This is how the home page looks like:




If I open a playlist from my library, it loads as it's available offline or in cache. If I try to search for any music not pre-loaded it just stays like this.



Same problem here.







Macbook Pro 14-inch, 2021, M1 chip


My Question or Issue

My desktop app is heavily used and after some time I can play my music, playlist and all but home screen or any other screen like lyrics, artist info and so on are failed to show. seem to load infinitely or display something wen wrong this is fix by restarting the app but really frustrating

Please advice



I am also having the same problem. Once I start my laptop from sleep, Spotify will not load the home page or the search page but will play queued music just fine.

Same problem on my 3 differents win11 PC and every people i know (3) using the app have same issue too.


Tried both store and non-store version, clearing install folders, preference file...


How is it not possible for devs to reproduce and fix such a widespread bug???


Very very annoying, considering to leave, im having this issue since october when i suscribed...



I have given up. Even after the workaround where using wired and a wired network (as above) no longer works. I have now moved on to Apple Music after 12 years with Spotify. Seems like they don't even want to accept there is an issue and want us to do our fault-finding for something on their end even after explaining it's happening on various computers, some of which have new copies of Windows on/freshly installed. 


I guess this is what happens when you lay off your staff...

After putting my laptop into hibernation and waking it up later, some pages in the Spotify desktop app do not work correctly. Namely, on home page and artist pages I see "Something went wrong" information after I click them and wait for them to load. Additionally, no lyrics for songs are available. However, I can play music normally or with a slightly longer playlist loading time. If I restart the app everything works well again, but this solution is annoying as I hibernate my computer on a regular basis. I am running Windows 11 Home on my laptop.

ok, mucha gente con el mismo problema, y no es de ahora. Esto sucede hace bastante.. ¿van a hacer algo, o le van a serguir pidiendo a la gente que trabaje para ustedes haciendo sus ensayos? Ya lo vieron, muchas personas, con diferentes configuraciones, en diferentes lugares. Es un error común evidentemente, cuánto mas?
No quiero leer todo el hilo, no quiero hacer todos los ensayos, y no, no voy a "reiniciar el route" ..sólo quisiera que actualicen la aplicación y que funcione.

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