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Disable Explicit Songs?


Disable Explicit Songs?

Is it possible to tell spotify not to play any songs with explicit lyrics?  I like to play random playlists or spotify's top lists sometimes but don't like songs with explicit lyrics. 


Any help would be appreciated.






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Thanks.  I was looking thru on my computer and had previously looked thru on my android but couldn't find anything to 'block' these songs.
Thanks to your reply, I looked more presistently and found this in Spotify Help:

For: Mobile and tablet (more devices coming soon!)

Filter out content labelled as explicit with these steps:

  1. Tap Home .
    Got Premium? Tap Your Library .
  2. Tap Settings .
  3. Tap Explicit Content.
  4. Switch Allow Explicit Content off (gray).
  5. Tracks marked as explicit now appear grayed out. It’s not possible to play them and they are skipped over by the player.

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Not as yet. I'm pretty sure there's an idea on the Idea Board about this though. You might want to add your vote if you feel this is something that would be a good feature.

First was the record, then the cassette, the CD, then came along Spotify... that really did change everything!

This can't be hard to do, why hasn't it been done. Songs are marked. Get this done quickly and it would please a lot of people, just the right thing to do.

This would be terrific.  I can't listen to spotify at work because of this. 

I also can't listen at work unless I use earbuds or earphones & I just can't sometimes because I need to be aware of my surroundings as well. 

It isn't always for the kids.  I'm pretty picky about what goes into my brain, and I would really like to avoid explicit lyrics!

I HATE radio edits/censorship but if it has to be included, it should just be a setting so I can avoid the censored version.

Anyone working on this? Spotify is great until one of these songs pops up in Radio mode or when playing the Top List. Can't play this at work, and frankly I don't want to hear this stuff most of the time. how about a simple checkbox to block Explicits. You went to the trouble of tagging them, but there's nothing we can really do with that tag.


Just wanted to bump this topic as well.  I noticed this with the radio feature as well, when listening to, of all things, a radio station based on "Learning Spanish". which started well with tracks of different language, then for some bizarre reason launched into an explicit track of porn sound effects? (not sure I see the relationship there, but in any case, I'd prefer a setting to block this.)



This would be a great option for the workplace or being in the car with little ones can we please get this going?

The official ideas topic about being able to filter explicit/clean content is here if you want to add your support to that topic!



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I put on "Michael Jackson Radio" for a school function, seemingly the most innocuous of all stations available. Low and behold, who comes on but Snoop Dog with F-Bombs and every other other curse word out there throughout the song. All of this over the loud speakers for a hundred elementary school students to hear. My mistake for using the Radio option as opposed to a play list, but we wanted Michael Jackson genre rather than exclusively Michael Jackson songs.


PANDORA has the option to block explicit songs so Spotify is more than capable of adding it. The question is, what is the resistance to doing so? A parental control option is not asking you to "censor" content, just allow parents to protect little ears and minds!


SPOTIFY, please add a parental control option. Thank you!!!



Well said. How hard can this be?

I want that setting so bad, from my laptop I went into preferences expecting to find that setting...and alas it wasn't there...

I'd love to see this thread continue.  As it stands, I've used Spotify enough to know how to start radio stations and know which tracks are more than likely to bring up explicit songs vs. songs that will not.  Sadly, it's the "learn Spanish" station, the one I'd like to use, that for some odd reason incorporates porn tracks.

a cool way Spotify could 1up the competition - create a separate Spotify-Kids App.  uses the same account but the App only plays the clean versions of songs. just an idea...

This is a great idea and if you think so, you should also support this idea:-


There are a number of songs NOT tagged as explicit that should be and mobilising the community to tag them would be a helpful way of weeding these out (for those that WANT to!).

@cl0udk1ckr wrote:

a cool way Spotify could 1up the competition - create a separate Spotify-Kids App.  uses the same account but the App only plays the clean versions of songs. just an idea...

I don't necessary agree with a kids app, that could turn into a Barney fest.  But an easy way to filter explicit content for the sake of our kids would be a great thing.


How about the ability to filter ANY song.  A song that objectifies women or denigrates a minority group, for example.  There are some that contain no profanity at all.


I'd much rather be exposing my kids to music than the garbage on television.  My mother exposed me to lots of music as a kid.  Of course, there were only black and white 3 channels at the time.

All, for what ever reason, Spotify is not making this available to us.  I pretty much just go to the next song when "explicit" songs are played. 

When I'm sharing what I'm listening to (parties, work and home), I use Pandora.  It has a simple filter that I just click on.  Works great.  THANKS PANDORA.

I'm really upset to find my son has had full access to extremely explicit lyrics via Spotify. Why can I not control this via some simple Parental controls? Come on Spotify - it puts us parents in a really difficult position. It's tough to do an all-out-ban on computer use for kids, or monitor every move they make online. I have set up solid controls in Google, Youtube and via my broadband provider to stop the smut and tat getting through wherever possible but my 11 and 7 year olds can still access sexist and biggoted lyrics via Spotify. Really annoyed and upset about this. Spotify should be accessible to all the family, or at least allow us to set up a family subscription or similar with family controls for each level.



From an upset Dad.


BTW; in case you were wondering I found my 11 yr old son listening to this - with my 7yr daughter in the room - really happy about that - thanks!

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