Spotify plays wrong song (usually equivalent track number from subsequent album)


Spotify plays wrong song (usually equivalent track number from subsequent album)


Whenever I try to play a song, spotify will play the equivilant track number from the next album down, and to play the song I want to I have to play the equivilant track number from the preceeding album.


A more detailed description, using numbered steps

1. Tried to play the song I wanted to listen to (e.g. Bohemian Rhapsody on CD1 of the Queen Platinum collection) by double clicking or pressing enter button

2. Song on the next album plays instead (One Vison on CD1 of Live at Wembly Stadium)

3. To get original song to play I have to play the equivilant track number from the preceeding album (track 1 - Intro from Queen Rock Montreal)


What I expected to happen

I expected the song I wanted to play... to play


What actually happened

The song on the next album played (same track number, same CD number, next album down)


My Operating System

Windows 7


Is your Operating System 32 or 64 bit?

64 bit


Do you have a Service Pack installed?



My Spotify version


My internet provider and country

O2 UK (although it's meant to be switching automatically to Sky soon as they have bought out O2 (may have happened already))


Did you do a clean install of your current Windows version or did you upgrade from a previous version?

Clean install


My username



Do you have any screenshots you can attach to more clearly explain your issue?

Not really


Accepted Solutions
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For all of you Linux users out there (this may apply to Windows too), I've solved the issue on my desktop. Follow the steps below.


1. Make sure you have exited Spotify and there is no instance of it running.

2. Open your terminal and run the following command, which will remove all of the config files for the logged in user.


rm -r ~/.config/spotify/


3. Start Spotify and try double playing a track. Spotify will automatically re-create the files you've just deleted with the above command.


If you are able to locate the config files in Windows and delete the folder, this may work for Windows too. I suggest looking in your user's app data folder which can be found by holding down the windows button and pressing the "R" button. Just type in %APPDATA% and the folder will open.


I hope this helps someone!


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Hi, have you tried a complete reinstall?



Hey Liam,


Yes it was the first thing I tried

Hey 🙂 


Are those tracks being played as local files (that you have stored on your computer) or via Spotify? 



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I'm having this exact same issue.

Windows 7 SP1, 64 bit.


I'm streaming, these are not locally saved.

Specific example:

Trying to play the first track of White Pandas CD Bambooyah!. I click on the track and it starts playing the first track of disk two.

Exactly the same here, though it happens only intermittently. And so far only when playing Fouintans of Wayne.


Win8 Pro 64-bit


Streaming, not locally saved.

I have the same issue. Also, when playing songs from "Popular" it plays the equivalent track number on the first album.

This seems to occur on the first album I play when starting Spotify. Going to another album resolves the issue and going back it's working as intended again.


Are you storing info from last played artist/album on shutdown and restoring it upon startup? Somehow the index on track-collections of last played artist seems to be +1 on startup.


I get the same result you do when I listen to something from a different artist and album and then go back to the orginal artist and album I had inteded to listen to. That does seem to fix the problem.

As far as if I am storing info, I could not say. I haven't saved any of it off line intentionaly, but it may have been cached. 

Thank you got a temp fix at the very least.



Having the same issue here, still no fix?

I am having the same issue whilst listening to Muse. To play the song I want, I have to click on the equivalent track number from the previous album!

Same issue with Arctic Monkeys, especially an issue with the Singles section where the single album before the single album that has the song I want to play sometimes doesn't have a corresponding track number to the song I want to play, so no possible way to play the song at all, unless I listen to the song before and fastforward so it goes to the next track.

Does exiting and restarting the desktop client fix this for you?

... or possibly rebooting your computer?

I have tried exiting and restarting the program and this does not fix the problem. I have never tried a reboot to solve the problem though. 

Exact same problem as everyone else.


OS X 10.8.4

Spotify version 

I have the same problem... its getting really frustirating........ I dont want to restart my computer every time I open spotify......



check out the semi-fix posted by Silhouette87 one the first page of this thread. It's a workaround, but it doesnt involve you restarting every time.

Same issue here, both in Windows Client and Web Player...rly annoying.

Will this be fixed? It's not a huge issue as it seems to correct itself with time, but I feel silly giving you guys money every month with this bug still around.

What he said. I have the exact same crap happening on my tablet .

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