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Transferring podcasts to new Spotify account

Transferring podcasts to new Spotify account

Hi, I have two established podcasts on here both using old email addresses.  I have a new email account and have opened a new Spotify account and a Spotify Podcasters account with this email address.


Despite tons of searching I cannot find out how I can transfer my existing podcasts to this new account - I want to do this and then set up team members for each podcast.  Can this be done?  Seems very complicated.  Any assistance greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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Just having to move from Anchor, Spotify to just Spotify now, I had two emails with two podcasts. In the instructions to switch to a new Spotify login, I didn't follow the instructions and used two emails for both podcasts, rather than having them on one.


I would like to have my two podcasts on one email, is there a way to do this?

Hi @phoenixfm1


Thanks for reaching out to the Community! Congratulations on your podcasting adventure, let's see how we can help you out. 

There are a few ways to transfer content that come to mind, but not directly moving ownership from one account to another. For matters like this one we would suggest for you to reach out to our friends at Podcast Support, as they have the tools to better help you out. 


Hope this was helpful. 



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