Trouble addind new favorite tracks

Trouble addind new favorite tracks

Hello 🙂


First off, I'm sorry if this problem has already been brought up (but I don't think so).


These last couple of days, I've been having trouble with adding songs to my favorites. Usually, when I want to do that, I either click on the cross under the cover of the currently playing track, or I go to the artist page and add the songs from there. But, apparently, only the first option seems to work (kinda), meaning only then it appears in my favorites. Furthermore, I added Spitfire (by The Prodigy) that way yesterday evening at home, but when I opened Spotify at work this morning, Spitfire was gone from my favorites (along with a couple of other tracks I painfully added yesterday evening).


This is a very recent issue, I think. Am I overlooking something or is there really a problem?



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How many tracks do you have saved in your music? Annoyingly, it has a limit of 10,000 saved tracks.

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How do I see that? Although I don't think I have that much. Plus I was able to permanently add another song this morning (I think).

Go to Songs under Your Music, select one track and then use either the select all under edit or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+A keys then use left mouse button just like you would a drag and drop, as you start to drag all the tracks a small context window will appear next to your mouse pointer showing how many tracks you have selected to drag.

Oh, right; thanks 🙂 I have 908 tracks in my favorites.

Not just you, it's happening to me too. I'm going through threads right now seeing if this is a widespread problem.

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I have not been able to reproduce this yet. I added about five albums worth of songs to Your Music and they are staying and showing under Albums and also Songs since both are tied together. I am still using the previous app version if that makes a difference. I'll check my android app and see if the new albums I added show up.

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