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Weekly playlists (Discover Weekly/Release Radar) not refreshing without restart of desktop client

Weekly playlists (Discover Weekly/Release Radar) not refreshing without restart of desktop client

This has been bothering me for quite some time now. My weekly playlists (Discover Weekly and Release Radar) are not refreshing until I restart my desktop client. The new playlists are visible (and refreshed) immediately after client restart, but up until that point, they keep on showing the old version. As attachments you can see the situation from today, screenshots taken within the last 10 minutes before and after Spotify client restart.


I can't be 100% sure here, but if I'm not terribly wrong, these playlists used to refresh correctly on Fridays and Mondays without client restart. And, for the same reason, I unfortunately don't have any specific time frame for when the current behaviour (client restart needed) started.


Is there anything I personally can do about it, is it a bug, or is it just a feature?


Version information:

  • Spotify: standalone version (32 bit)
  • Windows: 64-bit W10 Pro, version 1703, build 15063.483
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So, I take it that nobody has any ideas regarding this? I've now kept my Spotify client running for about 10 days, and my automatic playlists were last refreshed "11 days ago" (for Discover Weekly) and "14 days ago" (for Release Radar)


No doubt they'd refresh the very second I restart my client, but why would I need to do that? I can't see the update times on my Android client, but these playlists are completely different there, so I guess they're the fresh ones. And the web client (with Chrome on also shows the same playlists as Android client.

Ok, talking all by myself here, but if anyone else is having the same issue: I found out that switching to offline mode and then back online magically reloads the playlists. Well, at least right now it did.


So.. perhaps the "issue" is that I'm having too good of an internet connection, and I'm keeping my computer on for too long time? 😄

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