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Welcome to the Desktop Beta

Welcome to the Desktop Beta

June 3, 2015 Update: 

Hi everyone, Spotify staff here. We wanted to say thanks to everyone that participated in this Desktop Beta. Your insights and feedback were incredibly valuable for the internal teams here at Spotify HQ. For now this Desktop Beta is coming to an end--all users should now be on the official Desktop versions you can download from our website. 


Keep an eye here for updates and news on Desktop Betas though. If we have any updates to announce we'll post it here first. Thanks guys.



Hi and welcome to the Desktop Open Beta!


We would like to get your feedback on our new Desktop application so we’ve created a Beta version of the app for you to try out.


You can download the Beta app by using the below links:




Please keep in mind that this is very much a Beta and not all features have been added yet, so you might find a few things missing. Conversely, you might see some new things!


We hope you enjoy trying out the Beta.




How do I provide feedback on the Beta?


At the top of the app, you will see a 'SEND FEEDBACK' link.  You can click here to let us know what you think of the new Beta version and to report issues.


Some of the features I use are missing, what do I do?


As this is a Beta version not all Desktop features are included yet. You might find that some of the things you use in the current Desktop application are missing. We are working on improving the Beta and will be releasing upgrades to it regularly so keep a look out for the upgrade message.  And remember, you will still be able to use the fully featured Desktop client alongside the Beta version.


What if I want to go back to using the current version of Desktop?


The Beta version will not remove the Desktop application you have installed, so you can switch back to it any time.



UPDATE: Once you've been upgraded to the desktop version 1.0.1+ you won't be back to switch back to previous versions. 


Why have you released a Beta version of the Desktop App?

We aim to make sure we release quality new versions of the app and we would like to try and gather your feedback on quality before we go live with this version.

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