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Why was the queue moved to the right instead of the center?

Why was the queue moved to the right instead of the center?

My playlist queue used to be in the center column on the desktop app. Now it has moved to the right column and I really hate it there. How do I move it back to the center?
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I'm almost there.  Trying out Q0buz now which offers higher quality sound anyway.



Oh just program it yourself, all you real users!-- Of course, the Ctrl-A does not work-- Never tested-- Remember this is Spotify-- So never tested-- So you have to even program yourself the Ctrl-A by highlight the last line of that fakeQueue on the right-- and then carefully slide up to the first line of the NextUp-- and ShiftClick that firstLineOfTheNextUp, Get it?-- Then drag the faintlyHighlighted block of 80-- and Drag the 80 tracks of that fakeQueue over to the middle where it should be right into the middle of the conveniently named RealQueue playlist that you the real user were thoughtful enough to create and display in the middle for yourself-- in the middle where it belongs-- You are the real user, so--  Do all the programming yourself-- and manually every time-- and enjoy the countdown by deleting the played tracks from the top in the middle where the RealQueue belongs!  So do it yourself like everything else worthwhile on Spotify!

Voted and commented on the idea post. The new queue is a huge step back.

Doomed beyond repair. They also pushed it to the web browser version.There is no escape and no mercy from the Spotify GUI design failure department. 

I don't like the Queue panel taking up the same space as the Now Playing. Please move it back to the center or preferably give the user the option to configure the layout.


This configuration made it to the web based version in the past few days. I'm using  Mozilla Firefox/Windows 10 pro. 

This is incredible. Spotify makes a change, everybody hates it, everybody starts using web player because of the better layout, they make the same horrible change on web player. Like they don't care if users like the app or not.

I purposely have auto updates everywhere I use spotify specifically to prevent stupid UI updates like these. Often it feels like their workers don't even try out their own freaking products and just heavy hand approach changes for no reason. Who asked for this. The modern UI is trash and everyone that I have spoken to has agreed.

The new queue sidebar feature is worse and slower to use. Not only that for people who use the friends view it closes it every time you want to check the queue now. So now every time I have to renable it every single time. This is so dumb.

Actually, I think I'm landing in TIDAL.  Great UX.  Hi Def streaming.  Custom Mixes that are superior to Spotify's Daily Mixes

who even asked for this. This literally killed the "Friends" view tab now. or any tab on the side, you queue and then have to reclick to get your other tab back. Annoying.

I actually do the same nowadays. I do not queue at first.




I add them to Listen later playlist and curate it here. Remove too short/too long tracks based on type. Then add to queue.

It is also useful when you have daily lists which at a time no time to queue it all, so they kinda wait on that list sorted.


This way I am able to live with this poor sidebar design.

I noticed just today when I click the Play Cue button, it accumulates in the new, in my opinion stupid, sidebar thing they added quite a few updates ago now. I want my play cue back in the full screen window when I have my laptop connected to the TV. I cant see it in the side bar. It would be even better if the Cue window would be detached from the main program as a separate window even. I like having that cue up and use my phone to add to it as I wonder around the house. Shouldn't be forced to conform to a GUI layout, should be able to change it around as we want like widgets. Would love to have a customizable UI on Desktop. Heck, it would even be cool for Mobile and Car Thing.

Thought I was going crazy today, was looking for the option to make my queue in the centre as I could have sworn it used to be there, but nope, spent ages mucking around with something that doesn't exist. Absolutely pathetic that I need to search online and find a forum post complaining about this very issue to be notified of the change.



I don't like it either - as stated, I liked to see both the artist and song that's playing now as well as the queue of items coming up. Please revert back to how it worked before.

I am having this issue too. I HATE that it was changed. I just want my now playing to be in the middle of the app on desktop. It is stupidly annoying that it was changed.

For what it's worth...the way I found to get the playlist / queue to the middle of the spotify web player is to select the playlist that is Active (it has a play / pause button icon on it) and then it opens.  There are two views available - compact or list.


Playlist and queue are two different things, especially when you're using shuffle. The playlist is all songs on that list, in whatever order you chose from; personally, I prefer ordering them by artist. The Queue is what songs will be playing next, and if you use shuffle like many people do, that will not have the songs in the same order as the playlist. The issue isn't not being able to have the PLAYLIST in the center (which is still centered where it's always been), it's not being able to have the QUEUE in the center.
And the biggest problem for many of us in not having the queue in the center is not only the limited functionality of the queue now, with it being so truncated, but having it take up the same column as Now Playing. Where you used to be able to see both the Queue and Now Playing side-by-side, you have to choose one or the other now while the center column sits there uselessly filled by nothing of importance or even relevance to your current music listening experience.

@vaajay: Basically a good idea. Even though I don't understand why anyone would weed out tracks based on their length (or use Shuffle, for that matter; I've never used Shuffle on any device or app, ever since I got my first CD player in 1991), but maybe that's a generational thing, I usually listen to complete albums and only delete stuff like cover versions I don't like. However, since they managed to mess up the basic search feature in the latest version of the app, I've decided to keep my "update block" in place. I don't want to have to endure new issues with almost every update and then waste time on reporting those issues here or on reading how people are trying to deal with them. I've seen enough. I've had enough.

I've been away for awhile and I see that the UI is still **bleep**. wth Spotify. I'm this close >||< to being gone.


This sounded hopeful, but there's never been an issue with displaying the playlist in the middle. How do you display the queue in the middle? That's the issue. You claim you've figured it out. Please share.


Here's the deal. Just my theory, but it makes sense. Follow the money, always follow the money. If Spotify p!sses off their highest usage customers and they leave, then they are left with the lowest usage ones. Less money for artists, more money for Spotify. This will never get fixed. As Adrian Belew said, "Don't hold your breath, 'cause it'll make you blue."


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