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How can I manage my Liked Songs?





When thinking of the ways to manage your Liked Songs, one of the most straightforward ideas would be to use the available Sort and Filter options.


On the one hand, you can sort your Liked Songs according to each featured song’s title, artist, album, date (in terms of when it was added to the playlist), and duration. On the other hand, by using the option to filter, you can look up specific songs you might want to listen to without waiting for them to be eventually played as part of your queue.


What is not as straightforward (and often overlooked) is the fact that, aside from using the Sort and Filter options separately, it’s possible to combine them. 


By doing so, you can manage your Liked Songs more efficiently and:


  • Display all the songs from a particular artist in alphabetical order

If you’d like to view and display all the songs from one specific artist in alphabetical order, tap Liked Songs > sort by Title > type the name of an artist in the search bar.


  • Spot and remove duplicates

If you sort your Liked Songs by Title and filter the results based on one artist’s name, all the “duplicates” (e.g. same audio with extremely similar or slightly different metadata) from the particular artist will also be displayed so you can remove them from the list. 



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