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How do I customize my Spotify profile?




Your username is designed to identify you on Spotify, so it’s not possible to change it. You can always check your username on your account page. But you don’t need to remember it to log in, just use your email address and password, or Facebook. 


During the signup you will get to create a profile name that’s displayed in the app. You can enter your preferred display name in the "What should we call you?" field. 

A display name replaces the username where it shows on your profile, app, playlists, and Friend Activity


If you don’t like your display name you can change it following the steps hereIt’s also possible to connect to Facebook to display your Facebook name. But if you add a Spotify display name, it will show instead of your Facebook name.


Note: If your account was created through Facebook and your profile name turned into numbers there's a different Spotify Answer that you can check instead.


You can also upload a profile picture to make your account even more personal.


On mobile and tablet:


  1. Tap Home icon_home.png, then Settings icon_settings.png.
  2. Tap View profile.
  5. Select the picture you want to use.

On Desktop:


  1. Click your Profile in the top-right corner of the desktop app. 
  2. Hover over your profile picture and click Change.
  3. Select the picture you want to use.

For full info on this you can also visit the relevant support pages here and here.


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