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Idea Exchange Guidelines: How can I submit an idea? What happens next?



This is part of a series of articles outlining how the Idea Exchange works:


  1. Idea Exchange Guidelines: What do I need to know before submitting?
  2. Idea Exchange Guidelines: How can I submit an idea? What happens next?
  3. Idea Exchange Guidelines: Why was my idea closed?
  4. Idea Exchange Guidelines: How does my feedback reach Spotify?

How do I submit my idea?

First make sure you’ve searched for existing ideas and if you can’t find anything in the Idea Exchange, you can go ahead and submit your idea


Enter a subject and hit ‘Check Title’ to have a final look for similar ideas that have already been posted. If none of them match your suggestion, just scroll down the list, to the bottom of the page, and click on ‘Continue and Post’.


How do I write an idea?

Choose a title that describes your idea in a simple way. You can explain your idea in more detail in the main body.


In order to post an idea on the Community you need to enter a subject (1), fill the body (2) and select a label (3). The label can include the platform where you'd like your suggestion to be implemented, or the category of the idea, or both.



> Tip: Don’t forget that you will have to convince your fellow users that yours is a good idea worth voting for. With this in mind, here’s an example of an idea that gets it right.


What's next?

Once you’ve posted your idea, it will appear in Idea Submissions and will be marked as a ‘New Submission’’. At this point the idea is only visible to you. A Moderator or a Community Star will then take a look at it and make sure that it adheres to our Idea Exchange guidelines and give a status according to the rules below and the idea will become public to everyone on the forum.


If the idea follows the guidelines

It will be marked as a ‘New Suggestion’’ and moved to Live Ideas. Other users will now be able to add their vote to it. If the idea gets enough votes, Spotify will check it out and post a status update. You can read more about this process here.


If the idea does not follow the guidelines

It will be moved to Closed Ideas and marked as ‘Closed - Doesn't meet requirements’. You can create a new idea, as long as you make sure that you’ve made some edits according to all the points in the guidelines listed here.



And that’s it! You can learn more about how your feedback reaches Spotify here.