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Shazam and Spotify






As of writing this in March 2021, Shazam have released an updated version of their app for iOS, which as of version 14.2 has new features and functionalities.
We wanted to share some info that we hope will clear up some questions and that you might find useful to get the best out of both apps. 



Can I connect Shazam to Spotify and how do I do that?

The two apps can be connected so that you can get some extra benefits if using them together.
In the Shazam app, go to Settings (available from Library) and tap Connect. You'll need to authorize Spotify access to Shazam and you're done!


Note: The Connect option is only shown in countries where Spotify is available.



How do I automatically add my shazamed tracks to a Spotify playlist?

Once connected, a playlist labeled My Shazam Tracks will be created in Spotify and all your subsequent Shazamed content will be automatically added.



How do I add my Shazamed songs to other Spotify playlists?

Tapping the Spotify Open button on any song in Shazam will open a search in Spotify and show you all the versions of that song. From there you can add the version of your choice to any Spotify playlist.



Why can’t I connect Spotify to Shazam? / Why is there only Apple Music showing and not Spotify?

The Connect option in the Shazam Settings will only be displayed in countries where Spotify is available. If you can't see the Spotify option on song pages in Shazam, go to Shazam Settings and make sure you’re connected.

If you're having problems opening or syncing to Spotify, try disconnecting Spotify in Shazam Settings, restart both apps and then reconnect.



Why wasn’t a 'My Shazam Tracks' playlist created when I turned on Sync?

A playlist may fail to be created due to connection issues. Next time you Shazam a track we'll try and create the playlist again, and will add your latest Shazamed contents.



Why wasn’t my latest shazamed track added to the 'My Shazam Tracks' playlist?

There may've been a connection issue. When you next shazam a song, the playlist should update with your latest Shazams. If the issue persists, try the following steps:


  1. Make sure you're on the latest version of Shazam and Spotify
  2. Disconnect from Spotify in Shazam Settings
  3. Restart both apps
  4. Reconnect to Spotify


I removed the "My Shazam Tracks" playlist. How can I get the tracks back?

If you delete your existing My Shazam Tracks playlists and then shazam a new track while connected to Spotify, a new playlist will be created. This overwrites the previous one and previous Shazams won't be re-added. As such, we advise not to delete your existing My Shazam Tracks playlist, unless you want to move the existing tracks to other playlists and have already done so.



What happens when I rename the My Shazam Tracks playlist in Spotify?

If the My Shazam Tracks playlist is renamed while Sync Shazams to Spotify is turned on, a new My Shazam Tracks playlist will be created on your next Shazam. Any Shazams from that point onwards will be added to this newly created playlist.



Where is the Add To button in Shazam?

Following version 14.2 of Shazam, the Add To button has been removed, however the Open button has been improved with a more reliable search in Spotify. This means you can now add the song version of choice to any playlist in Spotify. Alternatively, if you want your new Shazams to be automatically added to a My Shazam Tracks playlist in Spotify, there's the Sync Shazams to Spotify feature..



Why are my past Shazams no longer syncing?

Past Shazams will no longer sync to Spotify as part of the Sync Shazams to Spotify feature, however the syncing overall has been improved so you shouldn't have any issues to find and add more of your future Shazams to the My Shazam Tracks playlist.



What about Shazam on Android?

The new features and improved syncing are now available on the Android and iOS version of the app. 



Happy Shazaming!



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