Student Discount already in use! Why can't I sign up?




A possible error message could be "Your student credentials are already associated with another Spotify account".


If you get an error message like the above telling you that your Student Discount is already in use, it's possible that you either:
- Already have the Student Discount applied on your account
- Have signed up for the Student Discount on another account.

If it's on another account, this could be a second account that you've created, such as one created through your Facebook profile. It's also possible that it's a friend/family member's account you've accidentally applied the discount on. 


Just to be sure that's not the case:

  • Try applying for the Student Discount by opening this link in an incognito window. 
  • Check your account page to see if you already have the Student Discount.

If you can't see that you have the Student Discount, check out this help article to look for other accounts. 


If you find another account that belongs to you and has the Student Discount applied, you'll need to wait until 12 months have elapsed (since you first signed up for the Student Discount), in order to apply it on another account.

You're entitled to one account with the Student Discount on at a time, and that discou
nt will last for 12 months even if you cancel the subscription or close the account.


Don't worry, you can use up the remaining discounted Premium time on your other account if this happens. You may be able to transfer your playlists to that account too. Once the discounted Premium time has elapsed, you can either renew it on the same account, or sign up for the discount on your other account if you'd prefer. In the latter case, make sure to cancel the current subscription first. 


One other option that you have, in case the discount is on the wrong account, is to reach out to our Support who might be able to transfer it to your desired account.


We use SheerID to verify your Student status. If you can't find any other accounts, we'd recommend talking to the folks there, or checking out SheerID’s FAQ.


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