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[All Platforms][Other] Mono option for hearing impaired

Spotify needs to have a mono option for those of us who are hearing impaired. It is exclusionary otherwise!!!

Updated on 2021-04-05

Hey folks,


Thank you for your patience and support while we're looking into this.


Writing to share some great news and confirm this feature should now be available!


If you don’t see it on desktop right away, make sure to keep the app always updated.


Cheers 🙂


It doesn't seem possible to play in mono, and wierd as that sounds for a music lover, two of my computers, one a laptop, are only hooked up to one speaker. Makes Pink Floyd and Gomez, with tricky speaker changes an impossible listen.


Loving having 'real' Spotify. Subscribe folks. It's a different experience 🙂


Definitely agree this is a must!


I often try and listen at work using only one headphone so that I don't alienate myself from my colleagues and this gets very frustrating when half the song is in the other earphone that is sat on the desk!


Can you do anything McSpotify-People?




Definately agree with this...There are important PA announcements that I must be able to hear so I can only have one earbud in at any one time.  Not to mention forklifts and people walking around with large pieces of equipment. 


This is also a safety risk in everyday life.  Most people will put both buds in to hear the entire song they are listening to.  This causes a MAJOR safety risk for people simply walking down the street.  Where I live, a small boy was hit by a train he never saw coming because he had both of his earbuds in.  They block out so much of the outside world that you cant hear what you need to until its too late.


Add my name to the petition! Absolutely a must-have. I listen with one headphone in and mono would be a huge plus.




Sadly we do not have a "Force Mono" setting in Spotify at the moment. We stream the tracks in the manner they were provided to us - Be that a lush stereo mix or an original mono. I'll montior this thread to see how popular this idea is, but I don't know if any producers out there would like their hard crafted stereo mix placed in mono. But maybe we can work something out. 


I too use a single earphone in the office.

I'd hugely appreciate a means to force stereo audio into a mono speaker of my choice so I don't miss out on anything that only plays through one channel in the original recording.

For me the issue is that I am deaf in one ear, so adding the ability to play in mono is a service to the hearing impaired (and I doubt the music producers would want to be thought of as .not supporting the 'disabled'!).


Admittedly this should not be directly a Spotify problem, but something that audio card and PC manufacturers should take into account.


However it would be great if Spotify set the lead!!


In the interim I am experiementing with stereo to mono plugs but this is only good for physical connections and not wireless/bluetooth connections.


Thanks for even considering it - that's a great start!

Found the following sites which may offer some of us a solution with a single bud earpiece converting stereo to mono:


Great link Kewi. I got a new soundcard to fix my particular problem, but the subsequent posters have revealed all sorts of different requirements for a mono feature. Your headphone link would solve just about all of them.


Would be nice if Spotify would give us a software solution though. It would make a must-have web app even more sticky.


Same here, mono settings should be possible, parents nags ears off if I can't hear them because of I use both earplugs to listen to spotify songs. And allways at some point, the left one stops working, no matter developer. In thoose situations I have hard time listening to spotify and may need to change to other music players to enable Mono settings.


Please make this settings possible