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[All Platforms] Party Mode: Only Queue, Password, etc.

Status: Implemented

How about a function that when turned on, only allows the queing of music (i.e instead of dubblevclicking to play the next song, it will just be que'd)? This would be great if u have a party and don't peolple changing midtrack all the time. 






[Wow! Great to see that my idea has gained support, seems like I wasn't the only one that thought that this would be a great idea. As requested; I'll edit my post to better explain the idea]


Spotify Partymode

# Main Goal #
The main purpose of this feature is to be able to set Spotify in a partymode preventing people
from randomly changing tracks in the middle of a song.
Partymode will be easy to customize with several options making it suitable for all types of parties.
This feature will only be accessible with Spotify Premium.


Partymode will also decrease the number of fist fights dramaticly and therefore lead to a much better party-experience.


# Options #

* Enable/Disable partymode. (If partymode is enabled when logging out, it will be enabled on logon).

* Password protection. (If you want to set a partymode password. Default is Spotify password.)
* Allow skipping to next song? (Yes/no).
* Volume lock. (Prevent volume from being changed).


# Queuing #
* Queuing:
    - Only allow queuing new tracks. (Prevents people from changing tracks in the middle of a song).
    - Only allow queuing X songs within Y second (Spam protection).
    - Only allow queuing X songs from same artist. (Spam protection).
    - If no songs in queue, play music from this playlist: <playlist>.
    - Time limit (Not allowed to queue songs longer that X minutes).
* Exclude genres, artists and songs.
* Store partymode to playlist: <playlist> (prevents clearing the queue on logout/login).


# Admin mode #
    - Unlock partymode.
    - Delete from queue.
    - Re-order queue.
    - Change track instantly.
    - Set/change partymode password.
    - Enable partymode.


# Defaults #
* Lock existing playlists so that they can't be modified or deleted.
* Partymode will not scrobble to
* Partymode will prevent access to social networks.
* Purchases will not be allowed in partymode.
* Disable access to Inbox and other personal information.


[]Though I must say the way to controll the volume while you'r having a party is to use a spotify remote app instead. Way too easy to just crank up the speaker volume even if you have a volume lock.]

Updated on 2019-10-30

Hi everyone.


As our previous update mentions, when one idea includes (many) smaller parts it is virtually impossible to ever set it to Implemented. One part is implemented, another isn't, what do you do?

For all intents and purposes I'm treating this idea as one simple suggestion:

"Let my fellow party people somehow connect to my session and add their tracks."

This has now been implemented on both iOS and Android in Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain and Sweden.

To that end I've set this to Implemented.


If the original author of this idea, or anyone else for that matter, would like to request additional features, please do a quick search of our Idea Exchange and either vote on an existing idea, or make a new suggestion.

And, please keep in mind to keep suggestions as separate as possible; it'll make it easier for us to update a status in future. (And save all of us from more walls of text :))


Party on!




I had the same idea, but I was thinking it would be better if the Spotify Premium user who started party mode had total control and sent out invites to anyone (Free or Premium) they want contributing to the queue. Each person who got the invite would only have the ability to search for songs (limited to certain playlists or not) and add to the queue from their devices.


I never considered the legal copyright side of things, maybe it's not possible on those grounds.


Can someone help me with understanding if party mode is workable for offline downloaded playlist on spotify premium without access to internet.


Oh, rejoice! Party mode is now available with (y) 


This would be amazing.

You could develop it the same way that Youtube works with Chromecast and the Guest queu.



Other idea for the party mode: when it's on, whatever you launch during this time won't play twice.

I got 2 party playlists: 70to90's songs, and 20's songs. I'm not kind of the locking system, when I launch a party I let people play a song if they wish. But when I take back the control, I want to continue with my playlists, and that it doesn't play a song we already played.


And then super star feature with the party mode: you select the playlists you want to play during the party, and then you control like rock / retro / new.... and the tempo : calm / middle / boom boom. And spotify choose the next songs.... That would be..... Awesome!


Yes I agree an important change I don't want my little brother listening to my music as x rated lyrics please make so I can password my playlist so he can have access to his own not mine by accident 

Status changed to: Not Right Now

Updated on 2017-06-15

Hey @blurk and everyone else that has voted for this idea. We're back to update this status to 'Not Right Now'--but that's mostly because there so are many requests in one idea. It's very unlikely that we'll implement all of these and all at the same time. 


The best thing to do would be to create new ideas for queuing, admin mode, defaults etc. We can then be more specific with each status. For instance, multiuser collaboration is something we're interested in, but we're less likely to implement the queueing changes. 


Thanks for all your feedback you've left here. We're continuing to pass it on to our internal teams. 


Acknowledging the same idea:, I thought I'd repost to make things a little simpler without getting into too many detailed features.


Users with a premium account should be able to initiate a "party" group/collaborative playlist and invite all party members to collaborate "join the party". To do this users could search local parties (hosted by user) - and join the party if it's open - or with the password - if it's closed.


Party members could then suggest songs to add to the que and all members of the group could up-vote or down-vote songs (or vote to skip current song), much like reddit.


Suggested songs could need at least one (or more) up-votes to be added to the que.

The moderator could set-up a default playlist if there are no suggested songs qued, and there could be suggestion limits if it's an open party.


Does this sound like a feasible feature? If no, what are the current barriers that exist? Parties are an ideal environment that Spotify could gain considerable ground with users if they developed the interface to allow groups to more easily collaborate together.


Hope this gets implemented soon, Thanks!


P.S. This could get modified and monetized to work in bars


Maybe a simple lock pin code would be the easiest way to deal with this, would also be good on ipad/iphone as even when music plays in the lock screen people can always advance the track.


Regards  Paul


I find it kind of ridiculous that this thread has been ongoing since 2012, and the latest is that Spotify updated it this year just to say...  sorry, just not a priority so Not Right Now.