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[All Platforms][Your Library] Increase maximum Songs allowed in Your Music

I feel like the maximum amount of songs allowed in one playlist, and subsequently in "Songs" playlist under the new "Collections" feature, should be more than 10,000.


Quite frankly it should be unlimited. 


We are paying for a service but limited on how many songs we are able to save? That is absurd to me.


I recently started saving all of my albums into "Collections" and got stuck at about 1/4 of the way through - 10,000 songs has been reached and I am no longer able to save any more albums.




Updated on 2020-05-26


Thanks for coming to the Idea Exchange.

We're excited to be marking this idea as implemented!
We've now removed the limit on saved items in Your Library, making it possible to save songs, and albums on Spotify to your heart's content.

As the app has changed quite a bit since this idea was submitted, please be aware that some functionality is now different. This change does not impact the limit on the number of songs in a playlist other than your Liked Songs.

For more info, check out this blog post.



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please give has got limits..8k people would agree and its very bad.


I don't understand how Spotify considers themselves music lovers, yet the limit every user to a mere 10,000 tracks in their library. 10,000 songs is nothing. iPods from over 10 years ago held more than 10,000 songs with ease.


What boggles my mind is that storing 10,000 songs in a user's library uses at most maybe 100 megabytes of space on Spotify's servers. Spotify doesn't need to store separate copies of a song when different users add it to their libraries. No, they just add a tiny line of text in a user file which notes that the user has added the song to their library, which points to the single song file on Spotify's servers. I pay other companies something like $3.99/month for 100 gigabytes of space on their servers, yet Spotify only gives me 100 megabytes for $9.99/month. That's absurd.


Claiming that less than 1% of Spotify users hit the 10,000 song limit is a pathetic excuse for not increasing the limit. From this forum posting and all the other complaints I can find online, it is abundantly clear than tens of thousands of Spotify users have hit the limit and have to deal with a terrible user experience. Spotify should show that they have even a small level of concern for ruining their service for these thousands and thousands of users.


The fact that Spotify won't address this issue is a clear indication that Spotify employees don't really use the service very heavily. No service is well designed and built unless it suits the needs of its heaviest users.


How **bleep**ed is this site and the people that work there? I'm serious, I would like to know. I'm starting a whole new playlist since you wiped out the one I had on here. Supposedly I can have 10,000 songs on the list which I find absolutely ridiculous. It should be more. I've reached 9989 on this one and it's saying I've reached the limit. 

wth is wrong with this site? You people constantly have problems with this site.

Pay me, and I'll fix this mess of a site. Plus, I'll actually put some music on here~


+1 for removing the Your Library song limit.  Why does a playlist need a song limit anyways?


"As we've previously said, less than 1% of users are reaching this Your Music limit. The current limit ensures a great experience for 99% of users instead of an "OK" experience for 100%. "


1. that 1% is going to be an ever increasing group of people the longer they use your service.

2. How could a 10,000 limit possibly benefit people who aren't reaching that limit? They don't know it even exists, how does that make their experience 'great'?


Also, I just thought about this. Spotify says only less than 1% are reaching the limit. I reached it, was brutally forced to remove my beloved albums and so I am not currently on the point where I am part of the group that is on this limit.

I think they don't have any clue how many people are actually really experiencing this.

@fiskie wrote:

I'll also look into changing to a different music streaming app if they don't remove this ridiculous cap soon. They promote adding music to your library, but when you do so they tell you to stop adding stuff.. Having to remove albums or songs from your library is NOT an OK experience, it's a frustrating, annoying and very, very bad experience. Spotify needs to start appreciating their paying customers!


 I need my full collection, and if you have no actual full overview of what Ive saved in spotify that is just stupid. 
Saving to playlists is not a good workaround as you lose the option to browse by album and a lot of other options. 
If less than one percent would have need of more space for playlist then there really isnt a need to cap it at 10K is there? As it wont affect your servers noticably, only give me a usefull library. 


Or to be a little more constructive: If you allow setting up the library parts ourselves, which for me would be removing all but Albums and Local files, that would also help the server strain if its running searches and functions that 90 percent of the users dont use. Making space for larger libraries. 


Here's a good idea! Listen to your customers and the people who use your site!



     >>  Saving to playlists is not a good workaround as you lose the option to browse by album and a lot of other options.


I would agree that we need-- absolutely need-- to maintain a means of browsing by album and a lot of other options-- such as deleting any track that you don't want to hear again-- from our 107,548 track collections and growing.


But I don't see what is wrong with playlists, per se.  As far as I can see, we don't care how Spotify actually stores our 107K track collections on disk.


Playlists work for me-- As long as I am using my workstation that has the Spotify player that Spotify discontinued in 2014.


For many of my listening rooms, the players that Spotify gives us today in 2018 work fine to give me the music that I need to hear.


But the other 40% of my listening requires one of the Spotify players that Spotify discontinued in 2014-- I don't care at all how Spotify actually stores my 107K track collection and growing on disk-- Playlists work fine on the Spotify players that Spotify discontinued in 2014.


As for me and my listening, I don't care how Spotify stores my 107K track collections on disk-- as long as I can browse by Album, Artist, and alphabetical trackName across all 107K tracks in my collection-- Which I can do in the Spotify players that Spotify discontinued in 2014.


That is what I find . . . .