Amazon Echo Support

Status: Implemented
Support for Amazon Echo
Updated: 2016-07-01

Spotify is now available on Amazon Echo. Spotify Premium users just ask Alexa to play any playlist (Alexa, play my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify), artist (Alexa, play David Bowie on Spotify) genre and more from Spotify’s catalog.

If you want to make Spotify your default music player follow these steps:

  1. Open the Amazon Echo mobile app.
  2. Under Settings, select Customize my music service preferences
  3. Under My preferred music source, select Spotify.
  4. Tap Done

Status changed to: Implemented

This is an absolute MUST! The stations that my amazon Echo puts up do not suit my colossal need for new music...  I NEED my spotify playlists!!! 😛


Just got my Echo today, and Spotify would make it so much better.


Since that other big, commercial on-line music provider got on echo I am listening to it a lot, and its not nearly as good as Spotify!

But the convienience is winning out when I come from work and don't feel like dealing with gadgets, 


imagine it could be   Alexa play Spotify......


Yes please! Oh the possibilities...


Amazon Echo + Spotify = BEST DEVICE EVER.  Please implement

@birch262 wrote:
Support for Amazon Echo


Spotify on the Echo would be incredible. It would integrate a great device with an already great streaming service!

I would love to see this happen.


"Alexa, play my Indie playlist"
"Alexa, shuffle Pentatonix"

As someone who uses Spotify all the time, this would be so awesome.


Please can this happen? I am eagerly awaiting to be able to use spotify on echo.